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Writing the second season of a show can teach you a lot about how much your voice has changed in a year. There’s no doubt in my mind that, from a creative standpoint, 2019 has been the biggest year of my life. I came into it with zero ideas about the kind of artist I wanted to be. Every script I was writing was completely different. I was skipping around between too many genres, and doing absolutely nothing to differentiate myself from the rest of the world. I knew this was a problem, but I couldn’t solve it for the life of me.

Fast forward to August, and a lot of that has been alleviated. My scripts have begun to take on a unique quality of their own. I’m working to create a niche for myself and so far, so good. Every new project that I write feels better than my last one. All good stuff, for my long term career.

But when I go back and revisit things that I started when I was a lesser writer, they often feel hollow. The best example of this is the webseries I produce for my school. A political satire set in Washington DC, it’s lightyears removed from the kind of comedy that I write now. I’ve learned that I like to avoid realism, to introduce elements of magic and history and whatever else to make my scripts more ridiculous. I’m interested in accessing the most extreme parts of my creativity, not toning it down to fit the real world. But months ago, I already committed to producing a second season of this political show. So now I’m trying to write new episodes. The product will be good, it’s just not a fun process. I have to work so much harder for good results with this than I do with something that excites me.

In a way, though, it’s great. Working on these scripts has confirmed that my voice has changed. Doing something I don’t like allows me to learn what I do like. For a while I’ve been writing scripts that ignore the laws of reality. Working on something that has to follow them confirms to me that I’ve made the right decision. Next year, I’m sure I’ll have to revisit something that I think is awesome now, and that’ll bore me too. Quite frankly, I’m excited to keep changing and being able to measure just how much I’ve changed.

Christian Zilko

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Christian Zilko

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Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.
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