Part of our mission here at Daily Fuel has been to illuminate life and early career insights for our readers, and we're thrilled to announce that Sam Mooradian will be joining our current blogger, Christian Zilko, debuting Wednesday September 18th. We hope the sharing of their successes, failures, insights, and adventures will continue to inspire others on their journeys toward personal and professional fulfillment. Enjoy!

Origin Story

I’m Sam, and I am very humbled and excited to be the newest contributor to the Daily Fuel newsletter. Being tasked with managing the content for the Wednesday edition has sparked more than a bit of creativity in me, but before I get ahead of myself (and boy, do I tend to do that!) I’d better do an introduction. I’ll give you two versions of me – the one I’d share to a new significant other’s sweet old Grandma, and the other one. Pick your favorite; together we’ll make this the first ever choose-your-own-adventure Daily Fuel post.

Here’s Grandma’s story. I’m picturing bright sweaters, a painfully air-conditioned interior, and a slightly sad pile of potentially weeks-old hors d’oeuvres.

I was born in Troy, Michigan. I did well enough in school, but my academic performance wasn’t anything noteworthy. Despite this, I went on to graduate from Central Michigan University with a mechanical engineering degree. I work in A/V production now and I do freelance design on the side. And I play the guitar.

In 6th grade, I picked up the guitar. I’d heard two songs, and suddenly 11-year-old me could no longer live with himself lest he attempt to play those songs for real. Madhouse by Anthrax and Laid to Rest by Lamb of God. It’s as if those two songs activated me, a sleeper cell of music, deep undercover as some kid in suburban Michigan. Heavy music, dark TV shows, and dense reads crept into my life. I was (and still am) fascinated by concepts of horror, surrealism, the cosmos. These themes, coalescing with whatever circuitry fires in my head, eventually moved me to do more than just dwell in adolescence; thus, I began to make things.

I’ve always been working on something. Twelve years in, that something is more diverse than it used to be; I’ve grown and tended to, dismembered and singed, loved and reviled my creative processes. But no matter what, there’s always that something over on the horizon, pedaling furiously on a silver bike in the summer heat, desperate to make its curfew. The somethings have been albums, videos, paintings, websites, animations, logos, short stories, poems. All are essentially distillable to miscellaneous messes, malalignments of time and thought. But they are all somethings.

I’ve skipped over the more specific events of my life because they live in the songs, on the canvas, between the words. Which means you’ll meet them all soon enough. Each Wednesday I’ll be sharing the somethings that I’ve made, and what dwells within and alongside each one. Some will be weekly creations while others will be old ones, infested with ghosts that croon behind colors, or hugged by a memory plucked into each note. I may also talk about my creative processes, what it’s like to make things (from my humble perspective), and how it all coincides with my life, balance, depression, etc.

Until next week, check out my YouTube channel and my music (if you’re feeling inclined).

Sam Mooradian

Guest Blogger:

Sam Mooradian

Writer, creative, maker of somethings
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Each of us finds his unique vehicle for sharing with others his bit of wisdom.
— Ram Dass
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