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The Nightmare Before Breakfast

It’s time for me to share something I’ve made. But first, here’s a little backstory.

A few years after picking up the guitar, I had somehow convinced myself that I couldn’t write music. Period. And with no room for growth or exploration within that statement, I’m kind of surprised by the fact that I never stopped trying. But that statement became null and void nearly a decade ago when I stumbled upon an enjoyable and original little chord progression by happenstance. It just sort of spilled out of my hands (turns out you can write things accidentally), and after years of further writing, I had come up with a cluster of songs that I was sure would become something of a debut album.

Wrong again. I workshopped several of those songs into extinction in pursuit of some glorious, perfect, unattainable full length release. Eventually whittled down to three tracks, that album became The Nightmare Before Breakfast. It’s my musical equivalent of conquering a fever dream by succumbing to it.

I made myself let go of any pursuit beyond that of writing whatever the songs needed to be. As a result, the solos are heavily improvised. The mix is different for each song. The second track features one and only one take of my buddy making noise through his amp while I blew into a harmonica and hit my desk with various objects for percussive ambience. Absurd, but fun! In a realistic sense, the EP is a captured congregation of moments, but most importantly, a vessel for practicing letting go of unhealthy hopes and expectations. I didn’t expect anything from it, and as a result, calling the songs “finished” was no longer a mission laced with agony. It just became something I wanted to make, and that is all.

Sam Mooradian

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Sam Mooradian

Creative and fever dreamer
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There is nothing permanent except change.
— Socrates
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