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Depression for Breakfast

I think there are several reasons why I make things. One might be my ego – some deep-seeded desire to be seen, quietly operating from the depths of my mind. Another might be that making things distracts me from the beckoning void, the same one that’s beckoning you too, brave reader. Maybe I’m trying to build up to some sort of career… or maybe, to some extent, I just need something to do. In the case of this week’s thing, it happens to be all of the above!

Depression for Breakfast is the second and most recent EP I’ve written and released. Although some sections of it have existed longer than others, the EP feels, to me, very complete. It’s the musical equivalent of a long drive home on a still, melting, summer afternoon.

The EP gave me an “in” into the world of releasing original music to a community of like-minded listeners. Seeing a handful of strangers preorder an EP I’d made was exciting, and for the first time I felt as though my music could be heard and respected by more than just a few (egotism and career pursuits: check).

It also served as a vessel for me to move past a bout of depression that was just beginning to sleep. I felt a bit better about my existence that summer – and so, the darkness was quiet (beckoning void: subdued).

Finally, wouldn’t you know it, I needed a project to work on, lest I look back in the future and regret spending my time on anything less productive (boredom: halted).

The feeling of overcoming my depression is certainly reflected in the music, as my depression’s lack of a presence was at the very forefront of my mind throughout the creative process. But soon after its release (almost a year ago now) I started to fall back into my depressive routine. And that, too, somehow feels reflected in the music. I’d love to know what you, brave reader, hear in the music. Feel free to take a listen to the embedded stream, and to leave a comment if you have any of your own thoughts you’d like to share. Until next week, take care.

Sam Mooradian

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Sam Mooradian

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