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Chaos and Space

For the umpteenth time, I reorganized my workspace this week. But why, having organized and reorganized so many times, did I need to do it again?

I do most of my creative work at my desk. The space consists of recording equipment, a computer monitor, my laptop, two speaker monitors, and various little microcosms of picks, paper, pens, tools, USB sticks, and cables. Surrounding me are shelves of books and guitar pedals, boxes of cables and equipment, a few guitars and a portrait of my old dog Joe. It might be a bit shambolic, but it isn’t out of control, and it isn’t born of laziness.

Over time, and with the right amount of work, this light chaos just tends to build up around me. My surroundings are what they are because of my natural use of the space. But why don’t I just immediately put things back when I’m done with them? Why not stay organized as I work? I think the answer is simply that organizing as I go is not a part of my creative process. Thus, after a while, a dedicated reorganization session needs to be scheduled, during which everything goes back to its home – stray guitar picks, back in the tin. Tools back in their respective order. Pedals straightened. Cables reorganized by type, all recoiled and set back.

Let’s call it creative chaos and get on with the making part.

Sam Mooradian

Guest Blogger:

Sam Mooradian

Creative and Chaotic Organizer
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The only difference between a mob and a trained army is organization.
— Calvin Coolidge
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