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Living Your Dreams

I spent New Year’s Eve outlining a new script. I worked several hours on a new idea that I’m really excited about, and I used a process that’s more sophisticated than anything I could have done even a year ago. I have no idea if it will amount to anything, but right now it seems great, and my techniques are clearly getting better. Then I went to the gym and worked towards the next marathon I’m going to run. Then I got home and realized that I should probably make a New Year’s resolution.

There is undeniably a lot in my life that needs improvement (I go out of my way to show my best side in these blogs, and I still don’t come out looking THAT good). But the fact that I spent the day working made me realize that a lot of my past resolutions have worked. Every December 31st, I used to insist to myself that this would be the year I get in shape. It took me close to a decade to actually start, but now that I’ve done it, daily workouts are just a force of habit. The same goes for writing every day. I rarely have to force myself to put in the work, and I’ve long since gotten over the fear of starting something new.

I’m not trying to say that any of this is easy, just that resolutions can work. They can stick and eventually become habits. And it’s hard to think of a better feeling than when that happens.

A mentor of mine once told me to think about what the term “living your dreams” actually means. When you look at the three words, it means that you’re combining dreams (which are always good) with real life (which is often hard and inconvenient). Nobody is stopping you from just dreaming about the perfect career you wish you had, without ever acting on it. But once you bring those dreams into reality, they cease to be perfect. When pursuing a dream becomes a part of your everyday life, you’re going to have very bad days doing something you love. There are going to be days where your favorite hobby feels like work, and you feel like you’ve lost what made it fun. But the potential rewards make all of this worth it.

At least, I assume they do. I’m living my dreams in the sense that I do what I love every day, but we should all remember that I’ve had absolutely no success. But I have a whole new decade to spend worrying about that. For now, I’m happy that I spent the last decade creating a lifestyle that can set me up to succeed. Since my last few resolutions worked, I can’t wait to start working on the new ones.

Christian Zilko

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Christian Zilko

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