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Much like Gregg Turkington, I’ve been getting hundreds of letters from loyal Daily Fuel readers asking for updates on my lovably eccentric roommate. And given that it’s my favorite topic (other than Bob Dylan bootlegs), I’m more than happy to oblige.

As I’ve mentioned, my roommate and I are both music junkies with a special affinity for classic rock. He’s a Bruce Springsteen fanatic and I’m a Bob Dylan devotee, but we generally have a mutual appreciation for each other’s tastes. Though we each have a favorite band that the other one has never taken the time to explore. For him it’s Rainbow, the Gaelic hair metal act that emerged from the remnants of Deep Purple. For me, of course, it’s the delightful psychedelic-country-jazz-blues-reggae stew known as the Grateful Dead.

After months of nagging each other, we finally agreed to a trade. We each picked ten songs from our favorite band, and we spent an evening taking turns playing them for each other. Neither band is objectively bad, so we both left with a new understanding of our friend’s tastes. But something interesting happened.

Afterwards, we realized that each band likes to utilize similar rhythms in all of their songs, and that they perfectly align with each of our personalities. Rainbow songs are completely manic, with drums flying in a million different directions. It’s like listening to machine gun fire. It matches up perfectly with my wild roommate who wakes up at 2pm, goes to bed at 4am, and spends his life wandering through our apartment doing a million different tasks. Grateful Dead songs, on the other hand, are steady, upbeat shuffles that just keep bouncing. Every song is about just getting through today’s challenges to make it to tomorrow, and the rhythm just puts a smile on your face. We both found the band that fits our lifestyle. Or we created the lifestyle that fits our bands. Whether or not we care to admit it, we all live our lives rhythmically. Every footstep or click of a keyboard follows some kind of tempo. And the rhythm we choose to follow says a lot about our personality and how we get things done. Here’s hoping you all stay in time this weekend.

Christian Zilko

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Christian Zilko

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Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood. We are a rhythm machine. That’s what we are.
— Mickey Hart
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