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Logging Data for Art

A few weeks ago, I started building a spreadsheet to keep track of my projects. If I have a project idea or just need to keep my thoughts straight, I’ll turn to my project spreadsheet.

Last week, I realized I could start logging my social media’s performance into the same spreadsheet. Lately I’ve been working on establishing a greater presence online to get eyes and ears on my art and music. One thing that I dislike about social media is the uncertainty of trying to predict how well my content will perform. How many people will I interact with? Will this post be seen by an influential person in my spheres? Will anyone care? Do I even care? I usually have few confident answers.

As a result, I’ve decided to log my posts’ performance data. Date, time of posting, type of content, view count, like count, comment count, share count, etc., all gets added up and organized into my spreadsheet. Looking at trends in this data can help me predict how future posts will perform. I’ll even be able to graph some of this data to visualize my posts’ performance over time.

I’ve been struggling with social media for years; now, for the first time, I feel excited to post regularly. Logging this data has taken a huge chunk of emotion out of posting. It also has me staying organized, posting thematically, and posting consistently, all to grow and create new opportunities for my creative pursuits. Once again, spreadsheets for the win.

Sam Mooradian

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Sam Mooradian

Musician and BSME holder
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Theories come and go, but fundamental data always remain the same.
— Mary Leakey
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