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A New Renaissance / Please Be Well

We are officially in one of the most difficult, and certainly strangest, times in modern history. To say that many are struggling to stay afloat would be an understatement. I hope you aren’t one of them, and that you are both physically and emotionally well. Either way, here’s an interesting thought: perhaps this situation could serve as an unexpected catalyst for something of a modern renaissance.

Right now, we are at home, social distancing, and doing less than a typical day’s work – a situation that may need to remain for some weeks to come. How many of us, especially those typically consumed by difficult jobs, will exercise our creative passions in this time? How many will discover, perhaps through doodling or journaling, a creative passion living within them? My guess is quite a few. Whatever the circumstance may be, I believe the global situation we’re in will give many the chance to pause and to reawaken the creators they were perhaps meant to become all along.

I’m forced to wonder how many of us will walk away from this extreme time having made a crucial discovery about ourselves. Maybe we’ll collectively conjure unexpected and exciting artistry as a direct result of the global situation. Perhaps enough people will discover that side of them, will so crave those passions unearthed in these tumultuous times, that our society will invariably make passion, art, and culture its center.

Maybe that’s wishful thinking. Beyond wishing everyone stays in the best of health, I hope everyone also finds that which makes them feel most alive, and pursues it with vigor (should they want to).

Sam Mooradian

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Sam Mooradian

Creative and Homebody
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I went to a restaurant that serves 'breakfast at any time'. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.
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