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Flexing on Crisis

Well, it’s been another week of living, isolated, through a major historical event. I hope you’re all continuing to be well. Last week I shared my prediction that people would use their time at home as an opportunity to dig into their creative side, to nurture or even rekindle a craft or two. I’m seeing it come to fruition for some. Friends on social media (arguably the last bastion social interaction right now) have been expressing, launching, and otherwise living their creative sides, as if to spite the hideous adversity we collectively confront.

People, en masse, are flexing creativity. My buddy Jon has been working on his solo music. Friend Amy filled an entire coloring book in less than a week. Artists have been live-streaming interactive creation sessions of all shades. Countless others are using “quarantine” as a prompt for their creativity – I’m proud to say I’m one of them. There’s so much going on; there might be more active creativeness happening on this planet, right now, than literally ever before.

Seeing well-known creators make things in response to our global situation has been cool (check out John Krasinski’s in-home, quarantine-inspired show “Some Good News”), but it’s the stuff that we can do, at home, that will really bring the house down. The people who find a new path in life because they found themselves with this time to get creative, perhaps for their very first time, could very well become status quo upsetters. They’re a time bomb of creative genius. They’re home right now, they’re honing their craft. Maybe you’re one of them.

If you can, try to make something new. Draw something, photograph something, write something, cook something, make something. Get weird with it. Or don’t – but do make this time count. Creativity, among other things, will help us get through this, on both an individual and communal level. I hope you are seeking yours.

Sam Mooradian

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Sam Mooradian

Quarantined Creative
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Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order.
— Virginia Woolf
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