Alex Clark: Founder and owner of Detroit artisanal chocolate shop, Bon Bon Bon.
Understanding the Whys and Hows
Talk about a dream job… Chocolatier and founder of Bon Bon Bon, Alex Clark talks to us about how working harder, not smarter, can lead to some seriously sweet insights.
For the Fun of It
Entrepreneur/Chocolatier/Owner of Bon Bon Bon, Alex Clark has some deliciously sweet advice for first-time business owners.
A Tiny Bit Of Good
Unexpected rebel and world-class chocolatier Alex Clark, Founder and CEO of Bon Bon Bon, muses on her recipe for finding purpose through happiness.
Andrea Riley: CMO of Ally Financial
Do It Right
Hear from brand developer and CMO of Ally Financial, Andrea Riley on the importance of not compromising your morals, why you should always go full throttle— and considering the impact your actions have on others. (Can she get an amen?)
Voice Your Opinion
Leader, brand-developer, and CMO of Ally Financial, Andrea Riley tells us how important it is to tell it like it is.
Antonio Moreira: Global IT Consultant and former CEO of Stefanini North America.
Building Trust Through Differences
He was a stranger in a strange land, charged with building a massive operation. See how Antonio Moreira, CEO of North America for IT staffing powerhouse Stefanini, leveraged his differences to build trust and conquer a new market.
Ari Weinzweig: Founding partner of Zingerman’s Deli, Creamery, and Bakehouse.
Design the future you want
Not for $50 Million Dollars
A Taste of Togetherness
No one can do it all on their own. (Except maybe Emma Watson… #BowDown.) Hear from founder of Zingerman’s deli, Ari Weinzweig on why sharing a vision with a like-minded crew can help you figure out the answers to things you’re "supposed to know".
Coasting Skills
Ever find yourself just mailing it in? (The day after Xmas doesn’t count, obvi…) President of The American Cheese Society and Founder of Zingerman’s Deli, Ari Weinzweig talks to us about the dangers of living on auto pilot.
Getting Where You Want to Go
Founding partner and Co-owner of Zingerman’s Delicatessen, Ari Weinzweig has some well-seasoned advice on creating a future that excites you.
Enrich The Soil
Plants grow best in fertile soil, and companies are no different. Instead of poisoning the conditions like most managers, Zingerman's co-founder Ari Weinzweig has created a corporate culture that helps the team blossom with creativity, growth, and transformation.
Normalize Mistakes
In sports, making just 50% of your shots earns you $20 million a year. But in business, we’re ashamed if we make even a single mistake. Zingerman’s co-founder Ari Weinzweig helps as adopt a more productive, and sustainable, mindset for growth and success.
The Forced March
Military-style leadership works when you simply want people to follow orders. But in the knowledge age, fostering creativity, positive energy, and a sense of ownership are the keys to success. See how Ari Weinzweig, co-founder of Zingerman’s, leads a passion-driven culture.
Asia Newson: The teenage entrepreneur and "Super Business Girl" who founded her own candle making company.
Negative People are Irrelevant
Don’t tell me what to do
Not In My Vocabulary
Entrepreneurs face a lot of rejection. Check out how Asia Newson, the 13-year-old CEO and Co-Founder of Super Business Girl, overcomes the daily struggles of running her own business. Her persistence and drive is a testament to what it takes to succeed.
Changing Lives, Door-to-door
Asia Newson, CEO and Co-Founder of Super Business Girl, isn’t just a hard worker, she’s hustling for a higher cause. Asia is using her thriving business to help others find their own successes. Learn about how she views her business as a vehicle of change, and how she is making that change a reality for young entrepreneurs.
Ben Folds: Musician
You Must Fail
Hearing someone super-successful talk about failure is like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs—you can’t look away. Listen to what Ben Folds has to say about the necessity of adversity, and how letting go of the fear of failure unlocks the creative magic.
On Deadlines
Musician Ben Folds is head over heels for… deadlines? Yup. Hear what he has to say about the getting-sh*t-done power of deadlines, and how one of his favorite photographers, W. Eugene Smith tried (and failed) to live without them.
Betty Chu M.D.: Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs for Henry Ford Health Systems
When “Yes” Means Nothing
Ready, Set, No
What do opportunities at work and Prosecco have in common? Too much of either one can destroy you. Hear what Chief Medical Officer of Henry Ford Hospital, Betty Chu has to say about the stress-relieving power of turning down a task. (Or two.)
Strike a Deal
Asking for a raise can be a little cringe-y, but it’s totally worth it (if you truly deserve it). Hear what Chief Medical Officer of Henry Ford Hospital, Betty Chu has to say about knowing your own value— and not being afraid to walk away from a sub-par salary.
Building Your Own Opportunities
For Betty Chu, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, achieving the highest levels in her career was not her only goal. She set out to make a real difference and to give back. This quest for something bigger moved her to solve problems, achieve more, and make her biggest impact.
Something Bigger
For Betty Chu, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, achieving the highest levels in her career was not her only goal. She set out to make a real difference and to give back. This quest for something bigger moved her to solve problems, achieve more, and make her biggest impact.
Bud Denker: Race enthusiast and President of Penske Corporation
Speed Wins
Complex structures and centralized decision-making bog down too many companies. Bud Denker, Executive Vice President at Penske Corp., relies on a flat organization to make fast, smart decisions. See how this talented leader is winning big in both the board room and on the race track.
Go Find Your Team
When you have to take on big challenges, the most "qualified" people may not facilitate the championship. See how Penske Corporation's EVP, Bud Denker, took over the Detroit Grand Prix with no background in events, and then built his team of doers and dreamers to win big.
Walk The Walk
Too often, leaders think certain tasks are beneath them. But great leaders spring into action, willing to do whatever it takes to win. See how Detroit Grand Prix Chairman Bud Denker took matters into his own hands when crisis struck.
Carl Camden: Former CEO of Kelly Services
PHD In Problem Solving
How did a long-haired, hippie college professor become a Fortune 500 CEO? See how Kelly Services' CEO Carl Camden uses creative problem solving to drive unimaginable success.
Is Your Talent Engaged
Employee engagement is a hot leadership trend, but many miss the mark. Kelly Services President and CEO Carl Camden explains that engagement must go far beyond employees alone to create optimal team performance.
An Awesome Huge Mistake
It’s easy to get caught up in our own PR, but getting direct and honest feedback is critical in in building a winning culture. See how Kelly Services CEO Carl Camden keeps his ears to the ground, and encourages discourse to drive progress.
Prove Me Wrong
It’s easy to get caught up in our own PR, but getting direct and honest feedback is critical in in building a winning culture. See how Kelly Services CEO Carl Camden keeps his ears to the ground, and encourages discourse to drive progress.
It’s Not The Money
Attracting and retaining millennials is mission critical to building your business. But just tossing them cash isn’t the most effective path to success. How do you attract and lead the everyone-gets-a-trophy generation? Kelly Services’ CEO Carl Camden talks about a seismic shift in values for this critical component of the workforce. Learn his different approach if you want to enjoy outsized outcomes.
Cary Tilds: Chief Innovation Officer at MGroup
When Life Gives You Lessons
Unexpected changes can leave you feeling more hopeless than Steven Avery at the end of Making a Murderer. (Spoiler Alert.) Game changer and Chief Innovation Officer at GroupM, Cary Tilds talks about how to turn a potential nightmare into the job of your dreams.
Being Selfish
Game changer and Chief Innovation Officer at GroupM, Cary Tilds discusses why taking plenty of “you time” is essential for being a successful, well-rounded person.
Turning Setbacks Into Opportunity
If you suffer a setback, it's easy to fear the worst. When things got tough for GroupM's Chief Innovation Officer Cary Tilds, she took the opposite approach, using adversity to help craft her dream job. See how she flipped her worst moment into her best.
Incentivizing Innovation
It's been said, "What gets measured, gets improved. But what gets rewarded, get's done".  See how GroupM's chief disruptor Cary Tilds uses a rewarding culture to drive innovation.
Lead, Don’t Tell
As busy leaders, we sometimes push our team out of the way and solve problems for them. Cary Tilds, Chief Innovation Officer for GroupM, fell into the same trap until one of her mentors guided her to a better path. See how one simple change made her a better leader, and can do the same for you.
One Hit Wonder
Anyone can stumble on an occasional cool idea. But producing consistent and regular innovation requires more than just luck. GroupM’s Chief Innovation Officer Cary Tilds explains how a systematic approach is your path to ongoing breakthroughs and powerful ideas.
How Balance Boosts The Bottom Line
Is your work-life balance so out of whack that both suffer? Turns out that striking the right balance is not only good for your soul, but it’s also good for business. Hear how Cary Tilds, the Chief Innovation Officer of media powerhouse GroupM, uses balance to deliver results.
Dave Zilko: Former Vice Chairman of Garden Fresh Gourmet and CEO Fuel Leadership
Never Compromise
While tempting, shortcutting quality can lead us down a dark path. In contrast, see how Garden Fresh Gourmet’s former Vice Chairman Dave Zilko refused to compromise, using short term sacrifice to drive nearly a quarter billion dollars of value.
David Farbman: Founder and CEO HealthRise Solutions
Get Out Of Your Head
Getting gile to get results
Tell Me Your Screw Ups
What it takes to win
What the hell do you want?
Keep It Simple
Simply put… CEO of HealthRise solutions, David Farbman tells us how he really feels about keeping things simple— and the importance of being able to distill an idea down to its essence.
Find Someone Objective
David Farbman, leader, visionary, and CEO of HealthRise Solutions, discusses how a healthy dose of failure can lead to true success.
Feel It, See It, Or Hear It?
Everyone learns and understands differently. See how David Farbman, CEO of HealthRise Solutions, understands the key modalities of people and then tailors his communication to connect best. Learning this approach will provide you and your team with the best chance of achieving your shared goals.
You Need To Open The Window
David Farbman, CEO of HealthRise Solutions, has some unorthodox methods, but some pretty impressive results. Learn about the windows you need to open for your employees to help you get up to 10x your current results, and “kick the competition’s ass.”
Erin Gavle: Lifestyle entrpreneur, owner and "Chief Trinketeer" at Eldorado General Store
The Quest for Happiness
Entrepreneur, visionary, and owner of El Dorado General Store, Erin Gavle stresses the importance of defining what happiness means to you, and then taking charge of getting it.
Nobody Knows
Lifestyle entrepreneur Erin Gavle, who stepped off the Madison Avenue fast track to reimagine her life, shares a big secret.
Flea: Bassist Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Pain and Failure
Flea: notes on failure from a big-time success
This dude was ranked the second-best bassist of all time by Rolling Stone. If he can be cool with, in his words, “failing constantly,” then shouldn’t I be? Seriously, why is the idea of failure so terrifying? Even as a kid, I remember feeling like it was better not to try than to try and fail — hence the reason my uncoordinated ass faked sick during gym class half the time. But as an adult, I’ve come to believe in the power of failure. Because the most successful people are the ones who failed over and over and never gave up. It’s something that has been reinforced throughout my career, sometimes in super obvious ways...
Skill vs. Passion
One of the best bassists of all time, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Flea gives us his incredibly humbling perspective on how mastering the art of something doesn’t guarantee the most beautiful results, and how letting go of yourself (and your ego) allows your passion to come through.
Grace Hsia:
What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur
On Being a Female Entrepreneur
Nail Your Pitch
Prove Your Idea
Trust Your Partners
The Definition of Success
Surviving Your Darkest Hour
Jacques Panis: Former President of Shinola
Creating Opportunities
Relevance is Cool
A few of us Fuelers wish we could be like the cool kids. We’re talking Macaulay Culkin circa Home Alone OG cool—So we went to President of Shinola, Jacques Panis to hear why striving for relevance astronomically increases your cool factor. And your bottom line.
Moments that Spark Magic
President of Shinola, Jacques Panis talks to us about finding inspiration in everything around us, and how it’s always the right time to create some magic.
Go Old School
President of Shinola, Jacques Panis, talks about the effectiveness of taking the time to have a real conversation.
Going Old-school
We all want that hot new technology to improve communication. But what if the most effective approach involves no tech at all?  See how Jacques Panis, President of Shinola, goes old school to foster better relationships and drive progress. Instead of hiding behind the screen, sometimes you just gotta get your ass up.
Closed cultures kill companies. Which is why Jacques Panis, President of Shinola, has built one of the hottest companies in America doing the exact opposite. Hear how he fosters openness, collaboration, and approachability.
James Craig: Detroit Chief of Police and Deputy Mayor
Own Your Mistakes
If You Build It, They Will Follow
Trust is difficult to establish— and it can be shattered in an instant. (Like your hopes of dating Liam Hemsworth.) Hear what Detroit Chief of Police, James Craig says about the importance of doing the right thing for the right reason, and how building trust is crucial to being a good leader.
Taking Responsibility
With over 40 years of experience, Detroit Police Chief, James Craig knows when it comes to being a leader, admitting when you’re wrong is always the right thing to do.
The Power Of Preparedness
Detroit Police Chief James Craig is winning the war on crime and fighting to keep his city safe. He's so successful - in part - because he envisioned himself in the role for 28 years before landing it. Learn how this powerful leader forged each step of his career with the end in mind, prepared himself mentally, and was able to achieve his ultimate goal.
The Easy Road Isn’t An Option
It's easy to shy away from difficult situations, yet doing exactly the opposite can help you leave your biggest mark. See how Detroit Police Chief James Craig turned a tragedy into a triumph.
Advice From The Scene
If you only listen to the top brass, you’re missing a big part of the story. Instead, hear how Detroit Police Chief James Craig seeks input from those in the trenches to fuel better decisions.
James Rigato: Top Chef contestant. James Beard semi-finalist and Owner/Chef at Mabel Gray
Finding Balance
Keep Your Goals Intangible
James Rigato - Top Chef competitor and owner of Zagat-rated Mabel Gray - may seem like he's at the top of his game, but he's just warming up. Hear his take on how deeply personal goals are, and why you should always be shooting for the moon.
Get a Whiff of This
Top Chef contestant and owner of Mabel Gray, James Rigato discusses how sometimes it takes a four-legged friend to remind us it’s really the little things that are the big things.
Success Defined
Top Chef contestant, James Beard semi-finalist, Restaurant of the Year...Mabel Gray Owner/Chef James Rigato's bragging rights grow every day, which is why his humble definition of success might surprise you.
Jason Hall: Social entrepreneur, community activites and founder of Slow Roll
The Detroit Melting pot
Listen to your people
Go Forth and Prosper
Starting a new venture is a daunting task. (We’re talking harder than getting your crew to agree on a NYE plan.) Community ambassador, dog lover, and Co-Founder of Slow Roll Detroit, Jason Hall talks to us about creating something from scratch, and what to do when there aren’t any footsteps to follow in.
Get Un-jaded
Adults can become jaded, driven by fear and anxiety. Jason Hall, co-founder of Slow Roll Detroit, used a childlike open-minded approach to launch his business and follow his dream.  See how he taps into imagination and possibility instead of succumbing to the pressures of adulthood.
Each One, Teach One
Jason Hall, Slow Roller and social entrepreneur, turned his passion into a good neighbor community phenom.
The Rock Before The Roll
Slow Roll Detroit is a regular, carefree, community biking event. But as Co-Founder Jason Hall explains, there is a tremendous amount of effort behind the scenes.  What does it mean to put in the hard work, and is the final payout always worth it?  Watch to find out.
Jeff Ponders II: VP of Innovation, Leo Burnett
Passion is a Virtue
Daily grind got you down? Jazz musician and Director of Innovation at Leo Burnett, Jeff Ponders II talks to us about the key to unlocking your true potential.
Have Fun with It
Thought leader, jazz musician, and Director of Innovation at Leo Burnett, Jeff Ponders II plays his sax to soothe his soul and maintain balance. Hear what he has to say about how bringing passion to everything you do is the way to stay one step ahead of the game.
Mentorship: A Duty To Win
Jeff Ponders II, VP and Director of Innovation at Leo Burnett was shaped by mentorship he received as a young jazz musician. But Jeff thinks mentorship isn’t just about helping young people find their paths, it’s about helping people win. Learn why mentorship is so important to him and why we all need to get involved.
Testing Ideas
What do a jazz musician and an ad exec have in common? Leo Burnett’s VP of Innovation Jeff Ponders II plays both roles, and both are committed to continuously testing new ideas. When you are trying new approaches, you don’t lose. Instead, you win some, you learn some.
It’s Their Army Too
Bosses issuing endless orders create nothing but apathy. In contrast, Jeff Ponders II, VP + Director of Innovation, Leo Burnett, builds a tribe where everyone’s voice matters. Rallied around a central goal, results come as a true team effort. See how.
The Do-Better Button
We all wish we had do-overs in life, but realistically we can’t change the past. Hear how innovation executive and jazz saxophonist Jeff Ponders II presses the “do-better button” to push both professional and artistic boundaries.
Jesse Paris Smith: Composer, Co-founder of Pathway to Paris
Learn Along the Way
Jesse Paris Smith, co-founder of Pathway to Paris, shares her personal experience with learning through trial and error. And how it’s not only ok to make mistakes, it’s 100% necessary.
You’re Not Alone
The only thing worse than FOMO is the fear of “believing” alone. (Or when someone thieves your last grapefruit La Croix.) Composer and Co-Founder of Pathway to Paris, Jesse Paris Smith talks to us about passion—How your energy is contagious, and when it comes to things you wholeheartedly believe in, you’ve got to trust that other people feel the same way.
Jim Oberhofer: VP Operations, Kalitta MotorSports
Choose Happy
Blowing a tire, Winning the race
The Success Trap
Jim Oberhofer, VP Operations at Kalitta Motorsports, can’t understand why most managers focus on weaknesses. In contrast, see how his strength-based approach harnesses untapped potential and wins championships both on the racetrack and back in the office.
Harnessing Untapped Potential
Jim Oberhofer, VP Operations at Kalitta Motorsports, can’t understand why most managers focus on weaknesses. In contrast, see how his strength-based approach harnesses untapped potential and wins championships both on the racetrack and back in the office.
Race To The Victory
Typical recruiting practices suggest a candidate’s experience is the most important hiring criteria. In contrast, see how Drag Racing Executive Jim Oberhofer has built a winning team by recruiting those with the desire to learn and a passion for the job.
Joan Baez: Musician and activist
Get Out There
Stage fright (aka public speaking) is the number one fear—for literally E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E—even world-famous folk singer Joan Baez. But in this revealing clip, Joan shares with us how pushing through her performance anxiety is what ultimately brought her serenity.
Joe Short: Founder, Short's Brewing Company
You Want It? Go Get It.
Check Your Pride At The Door
The Small Stuff Matters
The Dark Hours
Live and Learn
We’re not saying school isn’t important (it is), we’re just saying there’s a whole world of knowledge out there just waiting to be learned. Hear what founder of Short’s Brewing Company, Joe Short has to say about tapping into all the free lessons out there.
Work Around It
What started as a way to get his hands on some beer turned into a lifelong career for founder of Short’s Brewing Company, Joe Short. Hear what he has to say about recognizing an “aha” moment, and how it just might lead to discovering what you love to do.
You’ve Got to Want It
At 22 years old, Joe Short took his passion for home-brewing and turned it into one of Michigan's top craft breweries. After ten years, the founder of Short's Brewing Company has some unfiltered tips on tapping into your true potential.
Follow Your (Beer) Gut
We're told to stay in school and follow the rules to eventually succeed. But check out how Joe Short, Founder & Creative Engineer for Shorts Brewing Company took a different path. See how his "beat the system” mentality paid off in a most intoxicating way.
John Varvatos: Fashion designer
Focus on Finishing
Hear from trend-setter and cutting-edge designer, John Varvatos, on following through and making sure your ideas don’t have a short shelf life.
The Sponge Effect
John Varvatos has achieved at the highest level.  He's an iconic fashion designer, retail giant, and respected industry veteran.  What is his secret?  Hear how this legend got to the top, courtesy of a sponge.
Do What You Love
Chase money, and you'll likely just end up with frustration. Fashion designer and retailer John Varvatos gave up the safe route to follow his heart. See how pursuing your passion yields a far better payoff to both your wallet and your soul.
Stay Focused
“Chase two rabbits and both will escape,” states the ancient Chinese proverb. See how men’s fashion designer and retailer John Varvatos focused on simplicity and execution to keep his company alive and help his brand soar.
I Love Change
Conventional wisdom of what can (and can’t) be changed can lead us down a dark path of mediocrity and obsolescence. See how men’s fashion pioneer John Varvatos “shakes shit up”, and how he used experimentation to change an industry.
Josh Malerman: Author, Musician
Staying in Motion
When it comes to turning your dreams into a reality, the reality is that productivity is pivotal. Hear from Josh Malerman on the importance of Energizer bunny-ing—AKA keep relentlessly doing your thing until it pays off. And then keep doing it some more.
The Beauty of Discipline
Is there anything less sexy-sounding than discipline? It’s debatable. But hear from musician and best-selling author, Josh Malerman on how seeing your progress can really get your heart racing.
Don’t Fear 1st Attempts
Do you think Shakespeare just spit out Romeo and Juliet on his first try? Hell no. Hear how best-selling author and prolific writer, Josh Malerman busts the myth that you’ve got to nail your first draft—and why it’s better to keep doing something than it is to get stuck trying to do something perfectly.
Karen Buscemi: Founder/President Detroit Garment Group/CEO of Detroit Sewn
What’s Your Fantasy?
You’re Gonna Screw Up
If there’s something we’re sure about, it’s that you’re gonna mess up. (And that cheese should be its own food group.) CEO of Detroit Sewn, Karen Buscemi talks to us about how failure is essential to personal and professional growth.
You Don’t Know Jack…yet
New baby, new business, what’s the difference? Karen Buscemi, Founder of Detroit SEWN and DGG, says the two are actually more alike than you may think. Hear about what you need to learn, why you’re not ready, and why that may all be okay.
Business Is Terrifying
Fear is a human emotion that can’t be ignored. The greatest among us still have it, but they use their fear more productively. See how Karen Buscemi, Founder of Detroit SEWN, shifted from destructive fear of personal reputation to the productive mindset of caring for her team.
Finding Your Lane
Very few us of know exactly how our careers will unfold. Karen Buscemi, Founder and CEO of Detroit SEWN, discovered her superpowers along her journey. See how each experience built on itself, culminating in a unique and extraordinary result.
Krista Johnson: Artistic director and co-founder of DIY Street Fair
You’re Never Ready
When it comes to executing a plan or vision, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to go about it. However, owner of Woodward Avenue Brewery and Co-Founder of the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale, Krista Johnston talks to us about the importance of thinking things through, and that if we wait until we’re completely ready, we may be waiting forever.
On Avoiding Burnout
Owner of Woodward Avenue Brewery and Co-founder of the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale, Krista Johnston knows a thing or two about working too much. Hear what she has to say about the lack of reward for overworking, and why it’s crucial to pencil in some serious “you time”.
Many Minds
If you think good minds think alike, think again. Owner of Woodward Avenue Brewery and Co-Founder of Ferndale’s DIY Street Fair, Krista Johnston tells us how being successful (and being a good leader) hinges on surrounding yourself with others who have varying opinions—and different thought processes than your own.
Laila Hayani: Makeup Artist
Love the Journey
Maintaining perspective can be challenging.  When you're juggling your career, your family, and yourself, it can be easy to focus on when we drop the ball vs. when we catch it.  Make-up artist Laila Hayani keeps it real, by reminding herself (and us) that there are only a handful of priorities that really matter.
Free Work Pays
We know the concept of “free work” sounds wonkier than witchcraft, but before you delete this, hear what professional makeup artist, Laila Hayani has to say about her experience with working for free—and how some seemingly small opportunities led to her biggest clients—and even bigger bucks.
The Myth of Perfection
Professional makeup artist Laila Hayani knows a thing or two about perfection—she makes her living creating the illusion of perfect beauty. (#BrowsOnFleek.) Hear her explain how she’s avoiding the destructive trap of perfection, and why it’s more important to be the most authentic version of yourself.
Lee Thomas: News Anchor
Stop, Collaborate and Listen
A brainstorm’s a brewin’. Hear from author and award-winning reporter, Lee Thomas on why working together with (positive) people ultimately leads to the most rewarding outcome.
Electrical Impulses
Author and Emmy Award-winning reporter, Lee Thomas talks about taking control of your own energy, and how your presence can change the mood of a room.
The Positivity Multiplier
It's easy to see challenging situations in a negative light. TV personality and vitiligo spokesperson Lee Thomas chooses to inject positive energy where others see despair. This approach has not only helped himself, but his outlook has spread to help many others around the world.
The Good Vibe Radius
Creativity is a potent but fragile force. Lee Thomas, TV Personality and Entrepreneur, explains the biggest ally and the biggest threat to creativity, and how to protect this valuable resource. See what he believes is worth fighting for.
Really Listen
Despite the abundant opportunities to learn each day, many of us are too closed off to really listen. Hear how TV Personality and Vitiligo Spokesperson Lee Thomas avoided career tragedy by listening hard and learning from those around him.
Take Control of Your Transformation
Hear from Reporter Lee Thomas on the importance of knowing it’s never too late to re-define yourself.
You Define Yourself
We often identify ourselves by our job, role, or background. But TV Personality and Entrepreneur Lee Thomas shows us that who we are comes from within. He reveals how it took a rare disease for him to learn who he really was and transform his life for the better.
M. Roy Wilson: President, Wayne State University
Taking Chances
Physician, researcher, and President of Wayne State University, M. Roy Wilson tells us how following your gut is more important than a check list, and it’s never too late to try something new.
Unmasking Stereotypes
Falling into the trap of stereotypes can hinder both business and humanity.  Wayne State University president M. Roy Wilson recalls being stereotyped in high school for being a jock by a teacher who was stereotyped herself. He then went on to become her best student and she his mentor.  Learn and grow from this touching story.
Chase Passion, Not Money
Most people have it backwards. They chase money, but seldom find it, burning themselves out in a vapid pursuit. Wayne State University President M. Roy Wilson shares his approach, where passion and purpose are the goal and money and stability are simply the byproduct.
More Input Equals Better Decisions
As author Ken Blanchard says, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” While it’s easy to look inward for answers, Wayne State University President M. Roy Wilson shows us the critical importance of collaboration, thought diversity, and listening.
Marco Stefanini: Founder and Global CEO Stefanini IT Solutions
Change The Game
The old cliche suggests we should do what we love. But if your passion isn’t panning out, Marco Stefanini, Global CEO of staffing giant Stefanini, suggests that it’s better to love what you do. If you don’t like how things are unfolding, change the game.
Marcus Buckingham: Founder, The Marcus Buckingham Company
Lead By Doing
Leading the way you'd want to be led is "rubbish", says Bestselling author and thought-leader Marcus Buckingham.  To boost success, adapt your approach to the individuals you lead.  The best way to improve?  Lead by doing.
The Success Trifecta
We could all list off a dozen cliches about achieving success. But bestselling author Marcus Buckingham has discovered three surprisingly uncommon approaches that lead to maximum performance for the best companies in the world.
Redefining Strength
Logic suggests that your strengths are what you’re good at and your weaknesses are what you’re bad at. But bestselling author Marcus Buckingham has a different perspective; one that will liberate, energize, and empower you.
A Surprising Leadership Ritual
Leaders often get it backwards, providing team feedback on previous work. In contrast, NY Times Bestselling author Marcus Buckingham explains that your most important leadership ritual is future-looking. Learn how to lead better and win more.
Mark Kelly: Astronaut
Ask Away
Ground control to Major Tom. No one likes admitting they don’t know something. (Like what IPA stands for.) Hear from the man who spent 340 days in space, Astronaut Mark Kelly on how asking for advice can help you find a better solution.
Tell Me I’m Wrong
When "the boss is always right", failure lurks close behind. Astronaut Mark Kelly takes a different approach by building a team of individuals willing to confront tradition and speak up. Your team and organization will have a much better shot at achieving your mission when you adopt Kelly's counter-intuitive approach.
When To Learn, When To Fly
There’s a time to teach, and a time to execute. Hear how Astronaut Mark Kelly focuses on precision execution while conducting a mission, but then teaches and learns from the experience back on the ground. A powerful lesson for us all.
Tune Out, On Purpose
It’s easy to lose focus when worrying about things beyond our control. But to succeed at the highest levels, we need to take charge of our thinking at critical times. See how Astronaut Mark Kelly leveraged compartmentalization when facing the biggest challenge of his life.
Martha Stewart: Lifestyle entrepreneur
Never Finished
Many of us view success as a destination. Yet the biggest brands in the world view achievement as an ongoing process with endless chapters. See how business icon Martha Stewart built - and continues to build - one of the most powerful brands on the planet.
Keep Your Eyes Open
From soufflé to Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart is the all-around badass everyone wants to be. Take a sneak peek at her recipe for a lifetime of success.
Failure Won’t Make You Better
There is a lot of chatter in the startup world saying if you’re going to fail, fail fast. Martha Stewart, Founder and CCO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, disagrees. Find out why Martha sees no room for failure and what to do instead.
The Path Less Traveled
Routines can turn into ruts, sapping our creativity. See how entrepreneurial legend Martha Stewart is always switching things up, changing her days, routes, ideas, and thinking to maximize results.
Michael Strahan: NFL Hall-of-Famer, TV and media personality
Put in the Work
Media personality, author, and NFL Hall-of-Famer, Michael Strahan discusses the importance of going all in, and why betting on yourself is the best bet for success.
You Limit Yourself
Media personality, author, and NFL Hall-of-Famer, Michael Strahan talks to us about the harm of self-imposed restrictions, and how changing the way we view ourselves can help us tackle any goal.
It’s Up to You
We all find our moment. NFL hall-of-famer, media personality, and all around big deal, Michael Strahan shares a personal anecdote of how he found his.
It’s Up To You (Long Version)
With dozens of shortcuts to success, why is old fashioned hard work the one that endures? TV personality and NFL legend Michael Strahan explains how it’s a personal choice we all make. Invest in the work up front, and the results will follow. We all get to choose if we’ll be victims or champions. Which choice will you make?
I Gotta Be What I Am
In our professional lives, we spend too much time trying to perform like others. NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan fell into that trap, and only emerged as a champion once he doubled down on his authentic self. See how you can become your own power player.
Expect To Win
In the same way actors can become typecast as playing a certain type of role, the same trap can hurt us in our careers. NFL Legend and TV personality Michael Strahan explains that success in one area doesn’t forbid achievement in another. Learn how this icon has bet on himself through several reinventions, and how you can do the same.
Bet On Yourself
In the same way actors can become typecast as playing a certain type of role, the same trap can hurt us in our careers. NFL Legend and TV personality Michael Strahan explains that success in one area doesn’t forbid achievement in another. Learn how this icon has bet on himself through several reinventions, and how you can do the same.
Michael Zadoorian:
How to Bounce Back
Going Back to School
Pursuing Passion
Do It For You
On Taking A Year Off
On Obsession
Michelle Segar, PhD, MPH: Motivation and Behavioral Scientist, University of Michigan
Take A Time-out, Because Science
The world that we live in continues to demand more and more of our time. Dr. Michelle Segar, Motivation Scientist at the University of Michigan, says that according to the research, doing less will actually help you do more, and better. Find out how making time for you outside of work could be the key to jumpstarting your productivity and inspiration at work.
Molly Macdonald: Founder of The Pink Fun
The Value of Love
Unlike the latest stock market craze, (we won’t mention any names but it starts with a “B” and ends with an “itcoin”) the value of love never declines. Hear from breast cancer survivor and founder of The Pink Fund, Molly MacDonald on how acting out of love opens a world of possibilities.
You Get What You Give
Founder and Executive Director of The Pink Fund, Molly MacDonald tells us about the perspective-changing power of helping others.
You Don’t Want to Know
Founder and Executive Director of The Pink Fund, Molly MacDonald, has a very different take on a so-called super power.
Olga Stella: Executive Director - Design Core Detroit
Making Connections: Art and Design
If you’re not learning, it’s not worth it
Embrace the Randomness
Executive Director of the Design Core Detroit, Olga Stella, discusses embracing the unknown, and how to make the most of what you can control.
The Idea Of Something Bigger
Most people’s idea of a 9 to 5 is showing up to work, completing what you are assigned, and leaving at the end of the day. Olga Stella, Executive Director of Design Core Detroit, says differently. Learn what she’s working for, and how a similar approach can push you toward continued innovation and growth.
Patricia Mooradian: President, The Henry Ford
How the stories of our past can write our future
Creating Relevancy
You Only Faily When You Quit
Find Your Inner Innovator
Innovation. AKA the big scary monster hiding under the bed. (Next to the empty wine bottles, of course.) Hear what President and COO of The Henry Ford Museum, Patricia Mooradian has to say about letting the innovators of the past lead the way. (Not so scary now, huh?)
Heroes: Nobodies With Passion
Contrary to popular belief, people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Rosa Parks, weren’t born extraordinary. Patricia Mooradian, President of The Henry Ford, explains how passion and persistence helped these heroes reach higher than their humble beginnings.
No Regrets
Regret is one of the worst human emotions, since we can’t do a thing about the past. Patricia Mooradian, President of The Henry Ford, learns from mistakes but then moves on without regret. Hear her recipe for progress, growth, and achievement.
Let’s Solve It Together
Teams that fear consequences rarely perform at their best. Patricia Mooradian, President of The Henry Ford, has built an organization around trust, which enables creativity, collaboration, and results. See how she’s build a world class environment that brings out the best in people.
Patti Smith: Singer, Songwriter, Poet.
Keep Your Name Clean
The voice of reason, Patti Smith shares her most favorite piece of advice on preserving your reputation—and the difference between making an honest mistake, and doing something you know in your heart is wrong.
Life Shifts
If you’re like us, the only type of change you like is pocket change. But maybe we should all embrace it. Patti Smith shares insight on how life shifts force us to find our voice over and over again, and how working through the vulnerability and extreme discomfort that accompanies change lets us discover a world far beyond our own.
Failure or Evolution?
Since we’re all our own biggest critics, it’s astonishingly easy to jump aboard the self-loathing boat as soon as we screw up (because life is for sure. 100%. O-V- E-R.) But before you walk the proverbial plank, listen long and hard to what Patti Smith has to say about owning our own personal evolution— including: A. Not dwelling, B. Learning from our past choices, and most importantly, C. Moving the eff on. (Preach, woman, preach.)
Peter DeNunzio: CEO of HelloWorld, Inc.
Love What You Do
Love It or Leave It
Don’t like what you’re doing? Time to swipe left and keep looking. Hear what CEO of HelloWorld, Peter DeNunzio has to say about the importance of having something (other than coffee) that gets you out of bed in the morning.
Interviewing a Team Player
Expert marketer, team builder, and CEO of HelloWorld, Peter DeNunzio tells us why discussing your role as part of a group is more likely to set you apart from the competition.
Structured Chaos
Homogenous thinking leads to bland results. In contrast, Peter DeNunzio, CEO of HelloWorld, has built a team with diverse thought, fostering free flowing ideas. His advice? Don't hire a resume... look for something deeper.
A Product Or A Brand?
While often used interchangeably, products and brands are very different beasts. Yet marketers regularly get confused and suffer sub-par performance. To fight back, see how CEO and marketing legend Peter DeNunzio thinks about building a brand that matters.
The Recipe For A Long-term Career
What you do at 5:30am on Monday mornings says a lot about where you’re headed. See how marketing legend and HelloWorld CEO Peter DeNunzio reached the top of his industry by chasing something other than money.
Why We Didn’t Win
Anyone can celebrate the victories, but how do you lead through the setbacks? See how marketing legend Peter DeNunzio, CEO of HelloWorld, uses transparency and open communication to create value even when hitting a speed bump.
Rebecca Foon: Cellist, Yoga Teacher, Activist.
Don’t Force It
As a concert cellist, vocalist, composer, and co-founder of Modo Yoga, Rebecca Foon is the master of namastaying balanced. Hear how she applies the principles of yoga to work, life, and better decision making.
Fear Less
Environmentalist, cellist, composer and owner of Modo Yoga, Rebecca Foon talks to us about moving with integrity, and tapping into the fear-conquering power of focusing on meaningful moments instead of sweating the outcome (and how to adopt a “Zero f*&^s given” attitude).
Rich Sheridan: CEO and "Chief Storyteller" Menlo Innovations
What Makes Your Heart Sing
We introduce ourselves based on our tile, role, or profession. But in doing so, we truly miss the bigger picture. Discover how Menlo Innovation's CEO Rich Sheridan takes a different approach, letting his calling drive his company and career.
Reptiles, Fear, And Culture
Most companies have a culture that is driven by fear, which grossly inhibits creativity, collaboration, and innovation. CEO of Menlo Innovations, Rich Sheridan explains why fear leads to failure and how making employees feel safe can revolutionize your culture, teams, and the work they do.
Two Are Better Than One
Why did one company lose $400 million in 45 minutes? When we rely on individual heroes, results falter. See how Menlo Innovations’ CEO Rich Sheridan uses a tag-team approach to deliver extraordinary outcomes and a completely different kind of sustainability.
Rewards Are Backwards
Most leaders reward individual performance and then wonder why teamwork is sorely lacking. In contrast, learn how Menlo Innovations CEO Rich Sheridan takes the opposite approach.  His “no heroes” strategy has helped foster something far more powerful.  See for yourself.
Cubes And Cradles
An infant is about the last thing you’d expect to see at a tech company. But instead of dismissing the idea of babies at work, Menlo Innovations’ CEO Rich Sheridan opted instead to “run the experiment.” In fact, he’s built one of the most respected cultures in business, one experiment at a time.
Roop Raj: News Anchor
Moving Through Prejudice
FOX 2 Detroit Anchor Roop Raj has experienced prejudice firsthand. Here, he takes us through his journey of feeling out-of-place and fearing for his job. Watch Roop explain why learning from each other is essential to combatting prejudice and how we can rise up to stand together.
The Bearer Of Bad News
TV news anchor Roop Raj puts it perfectly: “There’s no good way to deliver bad news, but there’s an authentic way.” Reporting for 16 hours straight from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, Roop learned how to tell it straight and keep it real. See – and feel – what he learned during that stormy period.
Be 100% Yourself
What do you do when you chase your dream and get rejected seven times in a row? See how TV news anchor Roop Raj found a winning formula when he stopped trying to emulate others and focused on being his authentic self.
Sandy Baruah: President and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber
The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make
Quiet Leadership
President and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, Sandy Baruah, shares what he’s learned about working hard and letting your actions do the talking.
Positional Power Isn’t Enough
Fancy titles alone don't foster top performance. See how the powerful mindset of the Detroit Regional Chamber's CEO's Sandy Baruah, played the critical role in Detroit's comeback as it was embraced by top leaders fighting to save their beloved city.
Be A Tinker-er
We think that success only comes to bold inventors, wild risk takers, and disruptive entrepreneurs. But Detroit Regional Chamber's CEO Sandy Baruah - along with greats like Henry Ford - use a tinkering approach to drive profound results.
Work Hard, Stay Humble
Many of us think that power roars, but Sandy Baruah, CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, says that’s backwards. Learn why the leaders with the most power and the biggest impact are the ones that talk about it the least.
Collaborative By Nature
The strategy of “get big and fight” has died a slow death since it’s decades-old origins. Sandy Baruah, CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, now shares a new approach. See how collaboration and impact are rebuilding Detroit, and can also drive success for you.
Sarah Aldridge: COO of 1x Run Detroit
Finding Money
Forget the end of the rainbow. Sarah Aldridge, entrepreneur extraordinaire and COO of 1x Run Detroit says that investor pot of gold you’re searching for may be as close as your own backyard.  Learn about unexpected funding opportunities, and how leveraging your personal network can lead to surprising results.
On Perseverance
Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. And neither do you (at least not for long.) COO of 1xRun, Sarah Aldridge talks about a career full of getting shut down and getting back up again (and again), and how being confident in the work you’re doing is the key to success.
Being Open
When it comes to communication, COO of 1xRun Detroit, Sarah Aldridge gives us a #RealTalk. Hear what she has to say about the effective power of transparency, and how treating people like people goes a long way. Picking up what she’s putting down?
Sheilah Clay: President and CEO at Neighborhood Service Organization
What you get when you give
The Power Of Words
$5 Isn’t Going to Break You
Do It For a Cause
President and CEO of the Neighborhood Service Organization, Sheilah Clay tells us why finding a cause worth fighting for makes all the hard work that much more rewarding.
Ignoring It Doesn’t Make It Better
“We’re emotional beings", says Sheilah Clay, CEO and President of NSO. Hear her poignant thoughts on how you can lead your own organization with better understanding and empathy of a serious problem that you may not even know exists.
Go Beyon The Call Of Duty
It's the stuff you do when you think nobody's watching. Sheilah Clay, President and CEO of NSO, demonstrated a hunger for learning and a commitment to go above and beyond for results. Her ability to soak up learning and experience fueled her success. See how the same approach can work for you.
We Need Each Other
Homelessness, mental health, addiction, all deep and hard stuff. But Sheilah P. Clay, President and CEO of Neighborhood Service Organization, shares what it is we all truly need.
Steve Case: Venture Capitalist, founder and former CEO, AOL Time Warner
You’ll See It When You Believe It
Co-Founder of AOL and CEO of Revolution, Steve Case talks to us about the importance of being your own biggest advocate —and ignoring what the naysayers are naysaying.
Risk. Fail. Repeat.
AOL founder, CEO of Revolution, and pioneer of the new wave of the internet, Steve Case tells us why the biggest risk of all is not taking any risk.
Don’t Stop Believin’
Co-founder of AOL and pioneer of the third wave of the internet, Steve Case, delivers a message on the importance of believing in an idea even when others don't.
The 3 P’s Of Great Entrepreneurs
Great entrepreneurs don't have mystical powers or secret ninja training. What they do have is an insane ability to recognize patterns and uncover emerging trends. They also follow the 3 P's of success in order to win big. AOL founder Steve Case talks about how successful entrepreneurs positions themselves to be part of the next big wave.
Startup Usa
200 years ago, our country itself was a startup, and that entrepreneurial spirit of risk-taking and creativity have fueled our prosperity ever since. Today, AOL Co-Founder Steve Case is working hard to level the playing field for us all. See how he’s helping to foster startup thinking in each and every state.
Worst Merger Ever
The AOL / Time Warner merger was celebrated as groundbreaking at the time, but never delivered on the promise. Hear from AOL co-founder and former CEO Steve Case as to what when wrong, and what you can do to execute on your own bold vision.
Risky Business
Taking risks is the lifeblood of progress. AOL co-founder and business legend Steve Case shares how the best entrepreneurs have the right balance of paranoia and curiosity, and more than anything, they push the limits of what’s possible.
No Plan B
Since an early age, we’ve been taught to craft a solid backup plan. But the bold leaders that shape history take the opposite approach. See how AOL’s Co-founder and former CEO Steve Case persevered in order to create unimaginable success.
Tenzin Choegyal: Activist, Musician
How insecurity fuels creativity
No one ever thanks their insecurities when giving an acceptance speech—but maybe they should. Hear musician, artist and activist Tenzin Choegyal explain how his insecurities are a key ingredient in his ability to create.
The Accidental Activist
Sometimes you choose a cause that fully consumes you, other times it chooses you. Listen to singer, songwriter, musician and Tibetan refugee, Tenzin Choegyal, whose passion for music became his pathway to activism.
Terry Barclay: President and CEO at Inforum
Get in the Game
Ever tossed a job posting in the “nah” bin because your experience didn’t exactly match up? (Mmhmmm.) Well listen up, ladies. President and CEO of Inforum, Terry Barclay gives us some good advice on going for it — even if you don’t feel completely qualified.
Keep Coming Back
President and CEO of Inforum, Terry Barclay talks to us about the importance of resilience, and how when it comes to success, showing up is half the battle.
Path To The Corner Office
Yeah, that corner office sure looks nice -- fancy desk, great view, big shot status. But with great success comes great responsibility.  Terry Barclay, CEO of Inforum, discusses how being a CEO can be the most terrifying and fulfilling sensation all at the very same time. Learn how to make your own path to the big chair as efficient and effective as possible.
No Talent? No Profit.
As the business world continues to evolve, it simply isn’t good enough just to innovate your product. Terry Barclay, President and CEO of Inforum, explains how to attain and develop talent and the dire consequences you could face if you fail to do so.
Unconscious Bias

You are amazing and that’s why you need to hire people just like you. Unless, of course, you want to significantly increase profits. Terry Barclay, CEO of Inforum explains why we need to get away hiring mini-me’s.

Toss Your Hat In The Ring
Barriers are meant to be shattered…. especially glass ceilings. Inforum CEO Terry Barclay shares a bold approach, encouraging us to enter the ring even if we’re not 100% ready.
Taking A Punch
Tenacity and resilience are worthy buzzwords, but do they really drive success?  Inforum CEO Terry Barclay shares how bouncing back from adversity makes you smarter, better, and faster.
Tim Smith: Owner and CEO, Skidmore Studios
On Authenticity
Dear Mr. President
We've all wanted to give the President a piece of our mind.  But it would just get lost in the shuffle, right? Tim Smith, CEO of Skidmore Studio, took a shot against the odds.  Next thing you know, he's hanging with the commander in chief.  Learn how taking the impossible shots can drive uncommon results.
Get Out Of The Way
Too often, companies hire brilliant minds but never let them shine. Tim Smith, CEO of Skidmore Studios, has a different philosophy.  See how he gets out of the way and empowers his team to give more, play more, create more, and achieve more.
Be The Expert
If your customers think of you as a vendor, you’re easily replaced and probably competing on price. In contrast, Tim Smith, CEO of Skidmore Studios, focuses on high-value expertise. Shifting from being a supplier to an indispensable partner has fueled his company and can also fuel yours.
Dare Mighty Things
Fear can be our worst enemy, holding back our boldest ideas and blocking our potential. See how Tim Smith, CEO of Skidmore Studios, uses a powerful concept from the great Teddy Roosevelt to inspire himself toward courageous action.
Authenticity Is The New Black
Millennials – soon to be the largest consumer group – simply can’t be “sold”. If your actions are sensed as disingenuous, your brand is dead to this highly coveted group. See how Skidmore Studio’s CEO Tim Smith demands his clients use authenticity to attract and retain these inspired, yet fickle, customers.
Tommey Walker:
On Creativity
Building a Team
Live With It
Break It Down
On Simplicity
Tony Michaels: President and CEO, The Parade Company
Treat Sponsors Like Family
If you want to soar, you can’t treat customers as just transactions.  As the proverbial lifeblood, they are why you exist and you need to adopt an obsession with serving them.  See how Parade Company CEO Tony Michaels adopts a family approach to customers.
Smile Damn It
You only get one chance to make a first impression, and how you show up goes far beyond the words you say. Parade Company CEO Tony Michaels talks about a simple lesson he learned long ago that shaped his career and can help boost yours.
Veronika Scott: Founder and CEO of The Empowerment Plan, a company creating coats that turn into sleeping bags.
All About Respect
Innovator, humanitarian and founder of The Empowerment Plan, Veronika Scott discusses the difference between perception and reality, and the importance of treating everyone with respect.
Hiring The Homeless
The notion that people who have struggled can't rise to a new challenge has just been shattered. See how Veronika Scott, CEO and Founder of The Empowerment Plan, is not only giving people a second chance, but is enjoying exceptional performance as a result.
You Just Have to Start
Veronika Scott, the social entrepreneur who designed a coat that turned into a sleeping bag, shares her thoughts on dreams, naysayers, and the big "so what."
Lifting Up
Veronika Scott first felt trapped; destined to live a small life. But she was lifted up by her grandparents, who helped her shape a bigger purpose. Since then, this CEO is on a mission to lift up others and create impact across generations. Let her passion lift you up, and then take the torch yourself to lift others.
Don’t Judge The Book
Preconceived notions can poison any organization. In contrast, Veronika Scott, CEO of The Empowerment Plan, hires homeless women and treats them with respect and compassion. See how she created a ‘bad ass’ team by balking conventional thinking.
Stay Small To Go Big
We all want fast growth, but too many leaders fall victim to rapid expansion without a thoughtful approach. Empowerment Plan CEO Veronika Scott talks about how she’s doubling her business by staying true to the core tenets that led to its initial success.
The Unlikely Entrepreneur
Becoming a successful entrepreneur and leader can feel like a daunting task.  Instead of focusing on these labels, Veronika Scott focused on her passion – to eradicate homelessness.  Today, she leads a dynamic organization that’s doing well and doing good.  Hear how she went about tackling important social issues while building an enviable career.
Zack Urlocker: Software executive, Investor, Engineering Lecturer
Forget Everyone Else
Other peoples’ opinions are worth listening to. Unless they’re telling you to pursue something you’re just “meh” about. Hear what investor, teacher, and former COO of Duo Security, Zack Urlocker has to say about choosing your own path. #YouDoYou
Do It Every Day
Investor, teacher, and former COO of Duo Security, Zack Urlocker tells us how daily practice is the key to crushing even your most ambitious of goals.
The Sound Of Silence
Shhhhhhhhhhh, do you hear that? You're busy talking, but your best answers may come from listening more. Tech guru Zack Urlocker discusses the trend of high-growth, ambitious companies trying to do - and talk - too much. His blunt solution: listen, and shut up.
No A**holes
Company culture is shaped by actions, not rules. See how Duo Security’s COO Zack Urlocker builds a high-performing culture, refuses to tolerate those who poison it, and walks the walk to drive results.
Disrupt Or Be Disrupted
Once we’ve achieved some success, we shift from creating to protecting. But these instincts can be misleading in our world of rapid change. See how Duo Security’s COO Zack Urlocker puts himself on the forefront of disruption in order to win over the long-term.
Confront The Brutal Facts
No one wants to hear they have an ugly baby. Yet this type of transparent feedback is what drives sustainable success. See how tech guru Zack Urlocker built a culture that isn’t afraid to speak the truth and uses fast feedback loops to drive progress.