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Northwood University students seize the opportunities that are presented to them -  and that’s how they become tomorrow’s leaders of a global free-enterprise society.

We may not always know where we can find the business opportunities that set us apart, or what brings them to the forefront in our lives, but we believe in always striving to be the best we can be. That is why Northwood University students subscribe to Your Daily Fuel.

Sign up for the Your Daily Fuel at www.dailyfuel.com/northwood. It’s EASY and FREE. Not only will you get information and resources to help you succeed through keen insight and advice from influential and inspiring thought leaders, subscribing also helps the Northwood University win up to $100,000.

Your Daily Fuel is a video-centric digital media newsletter, featuring original content in the form of “snackable” videos, tips, resources, and support for emerging and young professionals. It’s a two-minute “power bar for your mind” experience, featuring inspiring and informative videos from recognized thought leaders and under-the-radar experts, offering actionable advice and eclectic videos for “adulting” in real life. Your Daily Fuel is the digital life coach for the unconventional professional.

Get inspired and make a difference. Sign up today to help Northwood University students reach their goal of 100,000 subscribers. Then, share it with your friends so they can sign up too.

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