Pain and Failure
Flea: notes on failure from a big-time success
This dude was ranked the second-best bassist of all time by Rolling Stone. If he can be cool with, in his words, “failing constantly,” then shouldn’t I be? Seriously, why is the idea of failure so terrifying? Even as a kid, I remember feeling like it was better not to try than to try and fail — hence the reason my uncoordinated ass faked sick during gym class half the time. But as an adult, I’ve come to believe in the power of failure. Because the most successful people are the ones who failed over and over and never gave up. It’s something that has been reinforced throughout my career, sometimes in super obvious ways...
Skill vs. Passion
One of the best bassists of all time, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Flea gives us his incredibly humbling perspective on how mastering the art of something doesn’t guarantee the most beautiful results, and how letting go of yourself (and your ego) allows your passion to come through.