Creating Opportunities
Relevance is Cool
A few of us Fuelers wish we could be like the cool kids. We’re talking Macaulay Culkin circa Home Alone OG cool—So we went to President of Shinola, Jacques Panis to hear why striving for relevance astronomically increases your cool factor. And your bottom line.
Moments that Spark Magic
President of Shinola, Jacques Panis talks to us about finding inspiration in everything around us, and how it’s always the right time to create some magic.
Go Old School
President of Shinola, Jacques Panis, talks about the effectiveness of taking the time to have a real conversation.
Going Old-school
We all want that hot new technology to improve communication. But what if the most effective approach involves no tech at all?  See how Jacques Panis, President of Shinola, goes old school to foster better relationships and drive progress. Instead of hiding behind the screen, sometimes you just gotta get your ass up.
Closed cultures kill companies. Which is why Jacques Panis, President of Shinola, has built one of the hottest companies in America doing the exact opposite. Hear how he fosters openness, collaboration, and approachability.