The Detroit Melting pot
Listen to your people
Go Forth and Prosper
Starting a new venture is a daunting task. (We’re talking harder than getting your crew to agree on a NYE plan.) Community ambassador, dog lover, and Co-Founder of Slow Roll Detroit, Jason Hall talks to us about creating something from scratch, and what to do when there aren’t any footsteps to follow in.
Get Un-jaded
Adults can become jaded, driven by fear and anxiety. Jason Hall, co-founder of Slow Roll Detroit, used a childlike open-minded approach to launch his business and follow his dream.  See how he taps into imagination and possibility instead of succumbing to the pressures of adulthood.
Each One, Teach One
Jason Hall, Slow Roller and social entrepreneur, turned his passion into a good neighbor community phenom.
The Rock Before The Roll
Slow Roll Detroit is a regular, carefree, community biking event. But as Co-Founder Jason Hall explains, there is a tremendous amount of effort behind the scenes.  What does it mean to put in the hard work, and is the final payout always worth it?  Watch to find out.