Passion is a Virtue
Daily grind got you down? Jazz musician and Director of Innovation at Leo Burnett, Jeff Ponders II talks to us about the key to unlocking your true potential.
Have Fun with It
Thought leader, jazz musician, and Director of Innovation at Leo Burnett, Jeff Ponders II plays his sax to soothe his soul and maintain balance. Hear what he has to say about how bringing passion to everything you do is the way to stay one step ahead of the game.
Mentorship: A Duty To Win
Jeff Ponders II, VP and Director of Innovation at Leo Burnett was shaped by mentorship he received as a young jazz musician. But Jeff thinks mentorship isn’t just about helping young people find their paths, it’s about helping people win. Learn why mentorship is so important to him and why we all need to get involved.
Testing Ideas
What do a jazz musician and an ad exec have in common? Leo Burnett’s VP of Innovation Jeff Ponders II plays both roles, and both are committed to continuously testing new ideas. When you are trying new approaches, you don’t lose. Instead, you win some, you learn some.
It’s Their Army Too
Bosses issuing endless orders create nothing but apathy. In contrast, Jeff Ponders II, VP + Director of Innovation, Leo Burnett, builds a tribe where everyone’s voice matters. Rallied around a central goal, results come as a true team effort. See how.
The Do-Better Button
We all wish we had do-overs in life, but realistically we can’t change the past. Hear how innovation executive and jazz saxophonist Jeff Ponders II presses the “do-better button” to push both professional and artistic boundaries.