You Want It? Go Get It.
Check Your Pride At The Door
The Small Stuff Matters
The Dark Hours
Live and Learn
We’re not saying school isn’t important (it is), we’re just saying there’s a whole world of knowledge out there just waiting to be learned. Hear what founder of Short’s Brewing Company, Joe Short has to say about tapping into all the free lessons out there.
Work Around It
What started as a way to get his hands on some beer turned into a lifelong career for founder of Short’s Brewing Company, Joe Short. Hear what he has to say about recognizing an “aha” moment, and how it just might lead to discovering what you love to do.
You’ve Got to Want It
At 22 years old, Joe Short took his passion for home-brewing and turned it into one of Michigan's top craft breweries. After ten years, the founder of Short's Brewing Company has some unfiltered tips on tapping into your true potential.
Follow Your (Beer) Gut
We're told to stay in school and follow the rules to eventually succeed. But check out how Joe Short, Founder & Creative Engineer for Shorts Brewing Company took a different path. See how his "beat the system” mentality paid off in a most intoxicating way.