Focus on Finishing
Hear from trend-setter and cutting-edge designer, John Varvatos, on following through and making sure your ideas don’t have a short shelf life.
The Sponge Effect
John Varvatos has achieved at the highest level.  He's an iconic fashion designer, retail giant, and respected industry veteran.  What is his secret?  Hear how this legend got to the top, courtesy of a sponge.
Do What You Love
Chase money, and you'll likely just end up with frustration. Fashion designer and retailer John Varvatos gave up the safe route to follow his heart. See how pursuing your passion yields a far better payoff to both your wallet and your soul.
Stay Focused
“Chase two rabbits and both will escape,” states the ancient Chinese proverb. See how men’s fashion designer and retailer John Varvatos focused on simplicity and execution to keep his company alive and help his brand soar.
I Love Change
Conventional wisdom of what can (and can’t) be changed can lead us down a dark path of mediocrity and obsolescence. See how men’s fashion pioneer John Varvatos “shakes shit up”, and how he used experimentation to change an industry.