What’s Your Fantasy?
You’re Gonna Screw Up
If there’s something we’re sure about, it’s that you’re gonna mess up. (And that cheese should be its own food group.) CEO of Detroit Sewn, Karen Buscemi talks to us about how failure is essential to personal and professional growth.
You Don’t Know Jack…yet
New baby, new business, what’s the difference? Karen Buscemi, Founder of Detroit SEWN and DGG, says the two are actually more alike than you may think. Hear about what you need to learn, why you’re not ready, and why that may all be okay.
Business Is Terrifying
Fear is a human emotion that can’t be ignored. The greatest among us still have it, but they use their fear more productively. See how Karen Buscemi, Founder of Detroit SEWN, shifted from destructive fear of personal reputation to the productive mindset of caring for her team.
Finding Your Lane
Very few us of know exactly how our careers will unfold. Karen Buscemi, Founder and CEO of Detroit SEWN, discovered her superpowers along her journey. See how each experience built on itself, culminating in a unique and extraordinary result.