Love the Journey
Maintaining perspective can be challenging.  When you're juggling your career, your family, and yourself, it can be easy to focus on when we drop the ball vs. when we catch it.  Make-up artist Laila Hayani keeps it real, by reminding herself (and us) that there are only a handful of priorities that really matter.
Free Work Pays
We know the concept of “free work” sounds wonkier than witchcraft, but before you delete this, hear what professional makeup artist, Laila Hayani has to say about her experience with working for free—and how some seemingly small opportunities led to her biggest clients—and even bigger bucks.
The Myth of Perfection
Professional makeup artist Laila Hayani knows a thing or two about perfection—she makes her living creating the illusion of perfect beauty. (#BrowsOnFleek.) Hear her explain how she’s avoiding the destructive trap of perfection, and why it’s more important to be the most authentic version of yourself.