Stop, Collaborate and Listen
A brainstorm’s a brewin’. Hear from author and award-winning reporter, Lee Thomas on why working together with (positive) people ultimately leads to the most rewarding outcome.
Electrical Impulses
Author and Emmy Award-winning reporter, Lee Thomas talks about taking control of your own energy, and how your presence can change the mood of a room.
The Positivity Multiplier
It's easy to see challenging situations in a negative light. TV personality and vitiligo spokesperson Lee Thomas chooses to inject positive energy where others see despair. This approach has not only helped himself, but his outlook has spread to help many others around the world.
The Good Vibe Radius
Creativity is a potent but fragile force. Lee Thomas, TV Personality and Entrepreneur, explains the biggest ally and the biggest threat to creativity, and how to protect this valuable resource. See what he believes is worth fighting for.
Really Listen
Despite the abundant opportunities to learn each day, many of us are too closed off to really listen. Hear how TV Personality and Vitiligo Spokesperson Lee Thomas avoided career tragedy by listening hard and learning from those around him.
Take Control of Your Transformation
Hear from Reporter Lee Thomas on the importance of knowing it’s never too late to re-define yourself.
You Define Yourself
We often identify ourselves by our job, role, or background. But TV Personality and Entrepreneur Lee Thomas shows us that who we are comes from within. He reveals how it took a rare disease for him to learn who he really was and transform his life for the better.