Ask Away
Ground control to Major Tom. No one likes admitting they don’t know something. (Like what IPA stands for.) Hear from the man who spent 340 days in space, Astronaut Mark Kelly on how asking for advice can help you find a better solution.
Tell Me I’m Wrong
When "the boss is always right", failure lurks close behind. Astronaut Mark Kelly takes a different approach by building a team of individuals willing to confront tradition and speak up. Your team and organization will have a much better shot at achieving your mission when you adopt Kelly's counter-intuitive approach.
When To Learn, When To Fly
There’s a time to teach, and a time to execute. Hear how Astronaut Mark Kelly focuses on precision execution while conducting a mission, but then teaches and learns from the experience back on the ground. A powerful lesson for us all.
Tune Out, On Purpose
It’s easy to lose focus when worrying about things beyond our control. But to succeed at the highest levels, we need to take charge of our thinking at critical times. See how Astronaut Mark Kelly leveraged compartmentalization when facing the biggest challenge of his life.