How the stories of our past can write our future
Creating Relevancy
You Only Faily When You Quit
Find Your Inner Innovator
Innovation. AKA the big scary monster hiding under the bed. (Next to the empty wine bottles, of course.) Hear what President and COO of The Henry Ford Museum, Patricia Mooradian has to say about letting the innovators of the past lead the way. (Not so scary now, huh?)
Heroes: Nobodies With Passion
Contrary to popular belief, people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Rosa Parks, weren’t born extraordinary. Patricia Mooradian, President of The Henry Ford, explains how passion and persistence helped these heroes reach higher than their humble beginnings.
No Regrets
Regret is one of the worst human emotions, since we can’t do a thing about the past. Patricia Mooradian, President of The Henry Ford, learns from mistakes but then moves on without regret. Hear her recipe for progress, growth, and achievement.
Let’s Solve It Together
Teams that fear consequences rarely perform at their best. Patricia Mooradian, President of The Henry Ford, has built an organization around trust, which enables creativity, collaboration, and results. See how she’s build a world class environment that brings out the best in people.