Keep Your Name Clean
The voice of reason, Patti Smith shares her most favorite piece of advice on preserving your reputation—and the difference between making an honest mistake, and doing something you know in your heart is wrong.
Life Shifts
If you’re like us, the only type of change you like is pocket change. But maybe we should all embrace it. Patti Smith shares insight on how life shifts force us to find our voice over and over again, and how working through the vulnerability and extreme discomfort that accompanies change lets us discover a world far beyond our own.
Failure or Evolution?
Since we’re all our own biggest critics, it’s astonishingly easy to jump aboard the self-loathing boat as soon as we screw up (because life is for sure. 100%. O-V- E-R.) But before you walk the proverbial plank, listen long and hard to what Patti Smith has to say about owning our own personal evolution— including: A. Not dwelling, B. Learning from our past choices, and most importantly, C. Moving the eff on. (Preach, woman, preach.)