What Makes Your Heart Sing
We introduce ourselves based on our tile, role, or profession. But in doing so, we truly miss the bigger picture. Discover how Menlo Innovation's CEO Rich Sheridan takes a different approach, letting his calling drive his company and career.
Reptiles, Fear, And Culture
Most companies have a culture that is driven by fear, which grossly inhibits creativity, collaboration, and innovation. CEO of Menlo Innovations, Rich Sheridan explains why fear leads to failure and how making employees feel safe can revolutionize your culture, teams, and the work they do.
Two Are Better Than One
Why did one company lose $400 million in 45 minutes? When we rely on individual heroes, results falter. See how Menlo Innovations’ CEO Rich Sheridan uses a tag-team approach to deliver extraordinary outcomes and a completely different kind of sustainability.
Rewards Are Backwards
Most leaders reward individual performance and then wonder why teamwork is sorely lacking. In contrast, learn how Menlo Innovations CEO Rich Sheridan takes the opposite approach.  His “no heroes” strategy has helped foster something far more powerful.  See for yourself.
Cubes And Cradles
An infant is about the last thing you’d expect to see at a tech company. But instead of dismissing the idea of babies at work, Menlo Innovations’ CEO Rich Sheridan opted instead to “run the experiment.” In fact, he’s built one of the most respected cultures in business, one experiment at a time.