Moving Through Prejudice
FOX 2 Detroit Anchor Roop Raj has experienced prejudice firsthand. Here, he takes us through his journey of feeling out-of-place and fearing for his job. Watch Roop explain why learning from each other is essential to combatting prejudice and how we can rise up to stand together.
The Bearer Of Bad News
TV news anchor Roop Raj puts it perfectly: “There’s no good way to deliver bad news, but there’s an authentic way.” Reporting for 16 hours straight from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, Roop learned how to tell it straight and keep it real. See – and feel – what he learned during that stormy period.
Be 100% Yourself
What do you do when you chase your dream and get rejected seven times in a row? See how TV news anchor Roop Raj found a winning formula when he stopped trying to emulate others and focused on being his authentic self.