The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make
Quiet Leadership
President and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, Sandy Baruah, shares what he’s learned about working hard and letting your actions do the talking.
Positional Power Isn’t Enough
Fancy titles alone don't foster top performance. See how the powerful mindset of the Detroit Regional Chamber's CEO's Sandy Baruah, played the critical role in Detroit's comeback as it was embraced by top leaders fighting to save their beloved city.
Be A Tinker-er
We think that success only comes to bold inventors, wild risk takers, and disruptive entrepreneurs. But Detroit Regional Chamber's CEO Sandy Baruah - along with greats like Henry Ford - use a tinkering approach to drive profound results.
Work Hard, Stay Humble
Many of us think that power roars, but Sandy Baruah, CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, says that’s backwards. Learn why the leaders with the most power and the biggest impact are the ones that talk about it the least.
Collaborative By Nature
The strategy of “get big and fight” has died a slow death since it’s decades-old origins. Sandy Baruah, CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, now shares a new approach. See how collaboration and impact are rebuilding Detroit, and can also drive success for you.