What you get when you give
The Power Of Words
$5 Isn’t Going to Break You
Do It For a Cause
President and CEO of the Neighborhood Service Organization, Sheilah Clay tells us why finding a cause worth fighting for makes all the hard work that much more rewarding.
Ignoring It Doesn’t Make It Better
“We’re emotional beings", says Sheilah Clay, CEO and President of NSO. Hear her poignant thoughts on how you can lead your own organization with better understanding and empathy of a serious problem that you may not even know exists.
Go Beyon The Call Of Duty
It's the stuff you do when you think nobody's watching. Sheilah Clay, President and CEO of NSO, demonstrated a hunger for learning and a commitment to go above and beyond for results. Her ability to soak up learning and experience fueled her success. See how the same approach can work for you.
We Need Each Other
Homelessness, mental health, addiction, all deep and hard stuff. But Sheilah P. Clay, President and CEO of Neighborhood Service Organization, shares what it is we all truly need.