Get in the Game
Ever tossed a job posting in the “nah” bin because your experience didn’t exactly match up? (Mmhmmm.) Well listen up, ladies. President and CEO of Inforum, Terry Barclay gives us some good advice on going for it — even if you don’t feel completely qualified.
Keep Coming Back
President and CEO of Inforum, Terry Barclay talks to us about the importance of resilience, and how when it comes to success, showing up is half the battle.
Path To The Corner Office
Yeah, that corner office sure looks nice -- fancy desk, great view, big shot status. But with great success comes great responsibility.  Terry Barclay, CEO of Inforum, discusses how being a CEO can be the most terrifying and fulfilling sensation all at the very same time. Learn how to make your own path to the big chair as efficient and effective as possible.
No Talent? No Profit.
As the business world continues to evolve, it simply isn’t good enough just to innovate your product. Terry Barclay, President and CEO of Inforum, explains how to attain and develop talent and the dire consequences you could face if you fail to do so.
Unconscious Bias

You are amazing and that’s why you need to hire people just like you. Unless, of course, you want to significantly increase profits. Terry Barclay, CEO of Inforum explains why we need to get away hiring mini-me’s.

Toss Your Hat In The Ring
Barriers are meant to be shattered…. especially glass ceilings. Inforum CEO Terry Barclay shares a bold approach, encouraging us to enter the ring even if we’re not 100% ready.
Taking A Punch
Tenacity and resilience are worthy buzzwords, but do they really drive success?  Inforum CEO Terry Barclay shares how bouncing back from adversity makes you smarter, better, and faster.