On Authenticity
Dear Mr. President
We've all wanted to give the President a piece of our mind.  But it would just get lost in the shuffle, right? Tim Smith, CEO of Skidmore Studio, took a shot against the odds.  Next thing you know, he's hanging with the commander in chief.  Learn how taking the impossible shots can drive uncommon results.
Get Out Of The Way
Too often, companies hire brilliant minds but never let them shine. Tim Smith, CEO of Skidmore Studios, has a different philosophy.  See how he gets out of the way and empowers his team to give more, play more, create more, and achieve more.
Be The Expert
If your customers think of you as a vendor, you’re easily replaced and probably competing on price. In contrast, Tim Smith, CEO of Skidmore Studios, focuses on high-value expertise. Shifting from being a supplier to an indispensable partner has fueled his company and can also fuel yours.
Dare Mighty Things
Fear can be our worst enemy, holding back our boldest ideas and blocking our potential. See how Tim Smith, CEO of Skidmore Studios, uses a powerful concept from the great Teddy Roosevelt to inspire himself toward courageous action.
Authenticity Is The New Black
Millennials – soon to be the largest consumer group – simply can’t be “sold”. If your actions are sensed as disingenuous, your brand is dead to this highly coveted group. See how Skidmore Studio’s CEO Tim Smith demands his clients use authenticity to attract and retain these inspired, yet fickle, customers.