All About Respect
Innovator, humanitarian and founder of The Empowerment Plan, Veronika Scott discusses the difference between perception and reality, and the importance of treating everyone with respect.
Hiring The Homeless
The notion that people who have struggled can't rise to a new challenge has just been shattered. See how Veronika Scott, CEO and Founder of The Empowerment Plan, is not only giving people a second chance, but is enjoying exceptional performance as a result.
You Just Have to Start
Veronika Scott, the social entrepreneur who designed a coat that turned into a sleeping bag, shares her thoughts on dreams, naysayers, and the big "so what."
Lifting Up
Veronika Scott first felt trapped; destined to live a small life. But she was lifted up by her grandparents, who helped her shape a bigger purpose. Since then, this CEO is on a mission to lift up others and create impact across generations. Let her passion lift you up, and then take the torch yourself to lift others.
Don’t Judge The Book
Preconceived notions can poison any organization. In contrast, Veronika Scott, CEO of The Empowerment Plan, hires homeless women and treats them with respect and compassion. See how she created a ‘bad ass’ team by balking conventional thinking.
Stay Small To Go Big
We all want fast growth, but too many leaders fall victim to rapid expansion without a thoughtful approach. Empowerment Plan CEO Veronika Scott talks about how she’s doubling her business by staying true to the core tenets that led to its initial success.
The Unlikely Entrepreneur
Becoming a successful entrepreneur and leader can feel like a daunting task.  Instead of focusing on these labels, Veronika Scott focused on her passion – to eradicate homelessness.  Today, she leads a dynamic organization that’s doing well and doing good.  Hear how she went about tackling important social issues while building an enviable career.