Forget Everyone Else
Other peoples’ opinions are worth listening to. Unless they’re telling you to pursue something you’re just “meh” about. Hear what investor, teacher, and former COO of Duo Security, Zack Urlocker has to say about choosing your own path. #YouDoYou
Do It Every Day
Investor, teacher, and former COO of Duo Security, Zack Urlocker tells us how daily practice is the key to crushing even your most ambitious of goals.
The Sound Of Silence
Shhhhhhhhhhh, do you hear that? You're busy talking, but your best answers may come from listening more. Tech guru Zack Urlocker discusses the trend of high-growth, ambitious companies trying to do - and talk - too much. His blunt solution: listen, and shut up.
No A**holes
Company culture is shaped by actions, not rules. See how Duo Security’s COO Zack Urlocker builds a high-performing culture, refuses to tolerate those who poison it, and walks the walk to drive results.
Disrupt Or Be Disrupted
Once we’ve achieved some success, we shift from creating to protecting. But these instincts can be misleading in our world of rapid change. See how Duo Security’s COO Zack Urlocker puts himself on the forefront of disruption in order to win over the long-term.
Confront The Brutal Facts
No one wants to hear they have an ugly baby. Yet this type of transparent feedback is what drives sustainable success. See how tech guru Zack Urlocker built a culture that isn’t afraid to speak the truth and uses fast feedback loops to drive progress.