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The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching.
— Dave Chappelle, Comic/Actor/Writer/Producer
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Each One, Teach One

Jason Hall, Slow Roller and social entrepreneur, turned his passion into a good neighbor community phenom.

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This is the place to hang out, share, and drink in the knowledge that is the internet. You’ll see stuff about the workplace, the non-workplace, technology, trends, money, and a bunch of data that may make you say…wtf?

Q: What can bring you better health and better job prospects?
A: Volunteering!
It’s true. And fewer than
25% of Americans are doing it. Volunteer Match will connect you to a bunch of great opportunities based on your skills and your interests.
So…10 minutes of mindfulness once a day can change the way we react to everything? Anxiety? Stress? Even fear? Sign us up! If you can’t part from your phone for 5 minutes (we totally get it), here are some mindfulness apps to try.
This is gold…Ten of the Best Netfix Shows Every Millennial Entrepreneur Should Watch… And it includes Breaking Bad!

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Jump-Start a Car

Red wine stain? Dead battery? Dying plant? Let our DIY guru teach you how to do cool stuff yourself.


It’s National Good Neighbor Day. Do you know your neighbor?  If not, introduce yourself and let us know how the meet and greet went.

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