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I was a little nervous before the test but it was fine and I'm really pleased to have done so well.
— Rajgauri Pawar, 12-year-old girl who scored higher on an IQ test than Einstein.
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Nobody Knows

Lifestyle entrepreneur Erin Gavle, who stepped off the Madison Avenue fast track to reimagine her life, shares a big secret.

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This is the place to hang out, share, and drink in the knowledge that is the internet. You’ll see stuff about the workplace, the non-workplace, technology, trends, money, and a bunch of data that may make you say…wtf?

Who runs the world? Emails! Not really, but it sure seems like it when they come in 24/7 from your boss… Here’s a quick read that offers some communication solutions when you’re not sure how to respond.
What are the most beautiful 5 words in the English language? Coffee. Is. Good. For. You. Which is perfect, since it’s National Coffee Day…So go ahead, throw in that extra shot. Also, please tip your barista; it’s likely been a hard day.
Turns out life’s most embarrassing moments might make us more likable. Take a look at the “The Pratfall Effect”, and celebrate the upside to clumsiness.

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Interview Jitters

Get nervous before an interview? Join the club. Follow these pointers to make sure interviewing for your dream job doesn’t turn into a nightmare.


How long since you’ve tried something totally new?  Last week? You’re good. Last year? Time to step into the discomfort zone and go for a spin. We’re dying to hear.

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