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If you have the choice between the right thing and the wrong thing, the right thing is always less stressful.
— Jennifer Lawrence
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Ready, Set, No

What do opportunities at work and Prosecco have in common? Too much of either one can destroy you. Hear what Chief Medical Officer of Henry Ford Hospital, Betty Chu has to say about the stress-relieving power of turning down a task. (Or two.)

the boost

71% of the population sleeps with (or next to) their smart phone. *Sigh*. Take a look at a few ways to recharge your own batteries for a change. (USB not required.)

Calling all conference room clowns. Turns out people who LOL more at work are not only happier (shocker), but are more productive than their more serious co-workers.

The only thing more certain than the sun coming up? The existence of stress. But it’s not all bad news… Here’s how reframing your thoughts about stress can actually change the way your body responds to it — so you can use it to your advantage.

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by Emmet Truxes

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