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Simplicity makes me happy.
— Alicia Keys, singer/songwriter
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Keep It Simple

Simply put… CEO of HealthRise solutions, David Farbman tells us how he really feels about keeping things simple— and the importance of being able to distill an idea down to its essence.

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When it comes to problem solving, sometimes the simplest answer gets overlooked (like Mia Thermopolis in the beginning of The Princess Diaries). Try using this technique to cut through the clutter — so you can find that hidden gem.

Turns out the smarter you are, the harder it can be to explain things in “layman’s” terms. Don’t worry, brainiacs, we got you — Here’s how to explain what it is you do in a clear, concise and well-received way.

The only thing worse than overcomplicating is overthinking (unless you’re overthinking about T-Bell. #Crunchwrap). Here are a few ways to break free when you’re stuck in your own head.

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