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The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.
— Julian Casablancas, singer/songwriter/producer
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Don’t Force It

As a concert cellist, vocalist, composer, and co-founder of Modo Yoga, Rebecca Foon is the master of namastaying balanced. Hear how she applies the principles of yoga to work, life, and better decision making.

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Ever feel like you’re on the wrong path but you’ve been on it too long to bail? Read one young man’s story about deviating from his "destiny", and his painful but liberating path to the life he never knew he wanted.

Ah, the quarter life crisis. Been there. While we didn’t go out and buy a brand-new Vette (wasn’t exactly in the budget yet), we did spend a considerable amount of time marinating in good merlot and sorrowful self-doubt. So if you’re experiencing symptoms of a downward spiral, take a look at a few ways to snap yourself out of it — and remember, you don’t have to have everything figured out.

Millennials are by far the most self-aware—and harshly criticized—age group there ever was. (No one judges an elderly woman for eating avocado toast. Just saying.) Maybe that’s why 64% of millennials practice mindfulness through activities such as yoga and meditation to help combat stress. Ommmm.

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The struggle is real

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