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What's in store for me in the direction I don't take?
— Jack Kerouac, Literary Icon
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You Don’t Want to Know

Founder and Executive Director of The Pink Fund, Molly MacDonald, has a very different take on a so-called super power.

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Whether you’ve been working for 2 years or 2 decades, planning your next career move is a smart play. Here’s a tool that can help.
So, there are these folks called “futurists” who spend their days predicting the future. And if that isn’t cool enough, science fiction plays a part. See what drives them and why imagination is everything.
More of a dreamer than a planner? Then find out what those dreams reveal!

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Find a Champion

Feeling like a needle in a giant haystack? Here’s how finding an executive champion can boost your career and help you get discovered.

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