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Never tell me the odds!
— Han Solo, Rebel. Captain
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You’ve Got to Want It

At 22 years old, Joe Short took his passion for home-brewing and turned it into one of Michigan's top craft breweries. After ten years, the founder of Short's Brewing Company has some unfiltered tips on tapping into your true potential.

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You know the roommate you had who always tried to convince you to skip class because “it’s all in the textbook anyway”? Yeah, well, there’s a reason she didn’t make the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Not judging. Just saying. You are who you hang out with. When you’re surrounded by supportive, hard-working people, it’s going to rub off on you. So take another look at your closest crew and make sure your buds aren’t a bad influence.

It’s ok to feel like giving up. Just don’t actually do it. Need some inspiration? Take a look at a few of these people who defied the odds, and then imagine what we’d be missing if they had thrown in the towel. Or broomstick, as the case may be.

The most important thing to remember about working hard, is making sure you’re taking time to chillax. See why taking a break can actually help you work more efficiently.

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Going Over Your Boss’s Head

Ask Bossy Skirt
Some things are fun to learn. (Like how to make the perfect Moscow Mule.) Others…not so much— here’s the lowdown on navigating the corporate ladder without missing a rung.

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