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You have to be resilient.
— Gabrielle Union, Actress/Artist
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Find Someone Objective

David Farbman, leader, visionary, and CEO of HealthRise Solutions, discusses how a healthy dose of failure can lead to true success.

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Ok, so you f&#%’ed up royally. Deep breath. Even Prince William makes mistakes. While you can’t go back in time and undo what’s been done (wishful thinking), you can use these helpful methods for a little **exhale** damage control.

Learning from your faux pas is easier said than done. (Can I get an amen?) So take a minute to tend to your wounds and see how decoding a dud can help set you up for future success.

What’s something everyone needs, but still hates to get? If you said getting your teeth cleaned, you’re not wrong… but, the answer is what some people call “feedback” and we just call “what I’m doing wrong”. See how to take criticism with grace (and maybe even a bit of gratitude) and how it can help you long-term.

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