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You have to be doing something you enjoy. That is a definition of happiness.
— Jackie Kennedy, former First Lady, writer, photographer
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Do It Every Day

Investor, teacher, and former COO of Duo Security, Zack Urlocker tells us how daily practice is the key to crushing even your most ambitious of goals.

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Accomplishing a big goal is sometimes easier said than done… Like that half marathon you signed up for 8 months ahead of time and forgot to train for. It can’t be that hard, right? Wrong. (And we’ve got the chafing to prove it.) See how to stay disciplined so you can cross the finish line.

We’ve all heard the whole “Quitters never win” bit, but here’s a huge secret: Sometimes winners do quit. We’re not saying you should throw in the towel every time things get tough, but turns out knowing when to quit might be just as important as sticking it out.

What do you do when you reach a milestone and realize it wasn’t really what you wanted? Grab a drink. (Or two.) Then go back to the drawing board. Here’s why determining a direction can help you pick a worthwhile goal.

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