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I didn’t want to do something typical.
— Beck, singer/songwriter/producer
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The Quest for Happiness

Entrepreneur, visionary, and owner of El Dorado General Store, Erin Gavle stresses the importance of defining what happiness means to you, and then taking charge of getting it.

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For some (most) people, happiness is a room full of puppies. But for others it could be traveling the world, eating amazing food and getting paid to write about it. (Also probably most people.) The point is, no matter what makes your soul sing, it’s up to you to go out and make it happen.

Can’t get no satisfaction? Here are a few tips on determining what you want, what you really really want.

Traffic. Unread emails. Endless meetings. Ugh. What do you do when the day-to-day grind gets you down? Try starting your day with this question to help re-frame your entire outlook.

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Interview Jitters

Get nervous before an interview? Join the club. Follow these pointers to make sure interviewing for your dream job doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

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