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There are little gems all around us that can hold glimmers of inspiration.
— Richelle Mead, author/teacher
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Moments that Spark Magic

President of Shinola, Jacques Panis talks to us about finding inspiration in everything around us, and how it’s always the right time to create some magic.

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You know the drill. You’ve been sitting at your desk staring at a blank page for an hour. (Or two.) As the deadline fast approaches, you’re hit with the downward spiral and self-doubt, amiright? Here’s a few tricks to try the next time you’re feeling less-than-inspired.

Creativity comes from within, right? Well… not always. Turns out the world around us plays a huge role in what inspires us. Read about how channeling that spark can positively impact your work.

For all the Bill Nye fans out there, here’s something for you— Scientific studies show inspired individuals reported experiencing more purpose in life and more gratitude.

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A little alternative R&B? Yes please. When it comes to R.LUM.R’s “Love Less”, we couldn’t love it more.

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