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Mean people are no fun.
— Thom Filicia, interior design expert/author
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Worst. Boss. Ever.

Ask Bossy Skirt
Is your manager a monster? Here’s some expert advice for those stuck working for the boss from H-E- double hockey sticks.

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Horrible bosses. We’ve all had ‘em. If yours is up on there on the scale of one to Miranda Priestly, take a look at these sanity-saving strategies so you don’t lose your s**t. (Deep breath. This too shall pass.)

Bad bosses weren’t born that way (thank goddess). And now that we know what to do with them, here’s how to avoid becoming one yourself— so you can be the #BestBossEver.

You can learn a lot about an organization from the first communications you have with them. Pay attention to these red flags that could signal you’re messing with a toxic work environment. (Hint: if the people working there seem miserable, you probably will be too.)

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