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Trust is hard to come by. That’s why my circle is small.
— Eminem, rapper/songwriter/poet
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If You Build It, They Will Follow

Trust is difficult to establish— and it can be shattered in an instant. (Like your hopes of dating Liam Hemsworth.) Hear what Detroit Chief of Police, James Craig says about the importance of doing the right thing for the right reason, and how building trust is crucial to being a good leader.

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You know the “Reply All” repeat offender who CC’s everyone and their boss’s mother to cover their a**. Well, guess what? You can count on your left thumb the number of people who trust that click-happy coworker. Here are a few ways to avoid tarnishing your trustworthiness.

Ok, now that we know what not to do… Here’s our go-to guide for establishing trust with your co-workers. Hint: it’s not picking up the tab at every happy hour.

63% of employees don’t trust their leader. (Yikes.)

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Straight outta Frankenmuth,
meet Greta Van Fleet and hear for yourself why their single “Highway Tune” has reached the top of the Billboard US Rock stations.

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