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Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.
— Bob Marley
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Love It or Leave It

Don’t like what you’re doing? Time to swipe left and keep looking. Hear what CEO of HelloWorld, Peter DeNunzio has to say about the importance of having something (other than coffee) that gets you out of bed in the morning.

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Don’t have a passion yet? Don’t freak. Here’s a few tips for narrowing down what you’re interested in so you can start putting in the work to master it. (Cue Rocky Theme song.) And remember, one of the first steps to pursuing your passion is following your curiosity.

The word “Passion” is derived from the Latin word “Passio”, meaning “the s*&% that lights your soul on fire”. (Or something like that.) So if you’re still stumped, find a cause that gets you fired up— then figure out a way you can make a difference.

Let’s say you’ve got something you’re pumped about but you’re having a hard time staying focused… Welcome to Procrastinators Anonymous. (Kidding.) Take a look at a few ways to develop good work habits so you can crush your goals.

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by Emmet Truxes

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