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Check your ego at the door.
— Dwayne Johnson
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Going Over Your Boss’s Head

Ask Bossy Skirt
Some things are fun to learn. (Like how to make the perfect Moscow Mule.) Others…not so much— here’s the lowdown on navigating the corporate ladder without missing a rung.

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Know anybody who loves getting constructive criticism? Neither do we. But it’s time to start getting comfortable with discomfort. Here’s how to master the art of receiving feedback without taking it to heart.

Just because some managers might not like to give feedback, doesn’t mean you don’t need it (and secretly want it). So speak up. Here’s how to be proactive and ask for specific feedback instead of dreading your yearly performance review. Cringe.

43% of managers said giving feedback is “stressful and difficult”. (Not good, Mav.) Master these tips for giving actionable feedback— so when you’re the head honcho it will be NBD.

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