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If you act out of love, whatever you do is both perfect and right.
— Geoff Herbach, author
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The Value of Love

Unlike the latest stock market craze, (we won’t mention any names but it starts with a “B” and ends with an “itcoin”) the value of love never declines. Hear from breast cancer survivor and founder of The Pink Fund, Molly MacDonald on how acting out of love opens a world of possibilities.

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Love heals. For reals. And we can prove it— the more you love and feel loved, the lower your stress levels (AKA cortisol) and the higher your happy hormones (like pain relieving Oxytocin). So start huggin’ and feel the healin’.

Breast Cancer is bad enough on its own, but the cost of it— from treatments to time missed from work, can be even more devastating. The Pink Fund helps support patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer so they can focus on recovering— and not how they’re going to pay the bills.

Speaking of PINK… We found out Victoria’s secret is that she never wears anything other than those cozy over-sized sweat pants. (And neither have we since Xmas… No judging.)

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