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Words have power. TV has power. My pen has power.
— Shonda Rhimes, producer/writer/author
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Get in the Game

Ever tossed a job posting in the “nah” bin because your experience didn’t exactly match up? (Mmhmmm.) Well listen up, ladies. President and CEO of Inforum, Terry Barclay gives us some good advice on going for it — even if you don’t feel completely qualified.

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Women have earned more college degrees than men for the last 30 years, but somehow only make up 8% of senior management roles and 3% of the c-suites… (Da Fuq?)

But just because there aren’t a ton of Fortune 500 companies run by the fairer sex (yet), doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be. Take a look at why women make bomb-ass executives, and why companies that have at least one woman on their board decrease the chance of bankruptcy by 20%. (Yasssss Queens.)

Mansplainers, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do. Here’s how to deal with a dude who’s dumbing it down. Insert eye roll here.

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