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There is no conversation more boring than the one where everybody agrees.
— Michel de Montaigne, French philosopher
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Many Minds

If you think good minds think alike, think again. Owner of Woodward Avenue Brewery and Co-Founder of Ferndale’s DIY Street Fair, Krista Johnston tells us how being successful (and being a good leader) hinges on surrounding yourself with others who have varying opinions—and different thought processes than your own.

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Intellectual diversity (AKA diverse thinking) has gotten a bad rap recently (thanks politics), but it’s actually the special ingredient needed for stronger problem solving. Here’s why seeking individuals with differing views, as opposed to finding like-minded people, improves work results. #WinWin.

When Krista mentioned the importance of keeping your ego in check, it had more than a few of us Fuelers examining our “ego health”. And yowza. Here’s a super simple checklist to see if your ego needs a little love (or a shorter leash).

When it comes to #EgoGoals, look no further than Honest Abe Lincoln, whose cabinet members not only had different POVs—they were actually his enemies. Read a quick interview with Author of Team of Rivals, Doris Kearns about one of America’s most admired leaders, and his courage to surround himself with opinions other than his own.

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